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Toyota Rav4 Window Not Working

The window switch is an often abused part of the interior of your vehicle. After all, even though it is located inside the car, it is exposed to the elements every time you roll down the window or open your door. So it’s no surprise that this part can bad quite often. 

A common reason for a Toyota RAV4 window not working is a blown fuse. If the window’s electric motor doesn’t receive power, it won’t function. Checking the vehicle’s fuse box and replacing any blown fuses associated with the window controls can often resolve this issue.

Another potential cause is a malfunctioning window regulator. The regulator controls the movement of the window. If it’s damaged or worn out, the window won’t move properly. Replacing the faulty window regulator typically fixes the problem and restores window functionality.

Driver's side window rolled down during sunset drive

Use your owner’s manual to find out where the vehicle’s fuse box is, as well as where the power window control fuse is located. Once you have found the fuse, pull it out and check to see if it has blown. If so, replace the blown fuse with a new one. 

Toyota Rav4 Window Won’t Go Up/Down

Driver's side window driving through country field during day

No one wants to deal with their vehicle’s windows not going up and down. While this problem is annoying, it is usually caused by a blown fuse, which can be replaced rather quickly.  

When the Toyota Rav4 window won’t go up/down, the issue is usually caused by a blown fuse. Locate the fuse box in your vehicle, check the fuse for the power windows, and then replace the blown fuse. 

You can typically tell if a fuse is blown by simply holding the fuse up towards the light and visually inspecting it. Fuses are one of the most common causes of a window that won’t go up or down, and are actually a pretty easy problem to fix. If the window fuse keeps blowing, then you may have a short somewhere in the vehicle that is causing the issue. 

Toyota Rav4 Window Stuck

Finger pressing down car power window button

Whether it is stuck in an up position or a down position, a stuck window can be a frustrating experience that leaves you stressed and worried. In most instances, the cause of a stuck window is due to the window motors. 

A Toyota Rav4 window stuck is typically caused by the window winder motors. These motors can become worn down over time and result in a stuck window. Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem is to have the window motor replaced.

To check if the issue is with the motor, you must first remove the door panel. Use a voltmeter to check the window motor. The voltmeter should read between +12 and -12. This indicates that the motor is functioning as it should. If you are receiving a different reading, the motor is going bad and will need to be replaced.

Toyota Rav4 Rear Window Not Working

Child peeking out rear car window

Some Toyota vehicles have experienced issues with the rear window not working. It was so prevalent that Toyota issued a technical service bulletin addressing the problem.

A Toyota Rav4 rear window not working may be the result of a small metal stopper that is located in the power window regulator. The entire back panel will need to be removed to gain access to the issue.

The problem can be corrected by replacing the window control and motor, and removing the metal stopper (the new parts don’t use the stopper). This process is rather complicated, requiring the removal of various parts, and can be difficult for someone who isn’t comfortable working on vehicles. Consider taking your vehicle to a trusted mechanic if you’re not comfortable with tackling the repair yourself. 

Toyota Rav4 Window Off Track

Car power window control panel

A window that is off track will move in an undesirable manner. Instead of following its intended path, moving up and down smoothly, it will become askew, not closing or opening properly. And if you cannot close the window properly, you leave the interior of your vehicle exposed to the elements such as rain and snow. It will also prevent you from maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the car. 

When a Toyota Rav4 window is off track, you will need to remove the door panel and then manually move the glass window pane to realign it with its path. Place one hand down at the bottom of the window to keep it positioned properly, and then use your other hand to move the glass pane into the track.

Sometimes, you may be able to get the window back on track without taking off the door panel. This will require you carefully maneuvering the window pane back and forth, and up and down, trying to slide it back in its intended path. If, after a few minutes, you are unable to position the window in its track, you will need to remove the entire door panel and place the window in the track. 

Toyota Rav4 Passenger Window Not Working

Tinted car windows

No one wants to slide into the passenger side of a vehicle and be met with a non-functioning window. This is especially true if the inside of the vehicle is starting to get a bit stuffy. 

When the Toyota Rav4 passenger window stops working, the issue is usually caused by the window regulator and cable separating from one another. This can occur when the cable is damaged or slides off the pulley.

A tell tale sign that the issue is with the cable and window regulator is that the window will sound as though it is trying to roll down even when it is stuck in the closed position.

To fix this issue, you will need to first remove the switch panel and disconnect all electrical connectors, as well as remove the trim panel from the passenger side door. Once these have been removed, the next step is to remove the window. This will require removing the glass to window regulator bolts. Carefully tilt the window up and then pull it out. Place the window glass in a safe location.

Remove the fasteners connecting the regulator to the door and then remove the regulator from the door. Install the new regulator. Connect the fasteners to the new regulator and then to the door. Carefully place the window glass back in the door and reattach the bolts. Reattach the trim pane, switch panel, and all electrical connectors.

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