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Toyota RAV4 Oil Light on From Time to Time

Did you know that the Toyota RAV4 is the world’s best-selling car? In 2021 alone, Toyota sold over 1.1 million units of the RAV4. There are several reasons why it is a good car for you, such as the fact that it has a cargo-friendly interior and an attractive base price. But even with so many good characteristics, you might notice challenges, such as the oil light going on from time to time.

There are several reasons that could make your Toyota RAV4 oil light go on from time to time. These include low oil pressure, low oil level, or a faulty oil pump.

Car dashboard

Bear in mind that there is a dissimilarity between low oil levels and low oil pressure. Engine oil is like the lifeblood of your RAV4. It prevents the engine from wearing itself out. It also helps with cooling, sealing, cleaning, and protecting engine components. Therefore, your car will give you a warning when the oil level goes below a certain level.

Besides sufficient oil levels, your car also needs adequate oil pressure. Low pressure means that some parts of the engine are not getting sufficiently lubricated. That could lead to severe damage. Sometimes, the oil pressure light might go on even if you just got an oil change. Should that happen, you should park your vehicle and turn the engine off as soon as possible. Then find and fix the cause before matters escalate.

Why Toyota RAV4 Oil Light Coming on From Time to Time

Without oil, your engine can sustain irreversible damage, and you might end up spending so much money replacing it. That’s why you should take any warning light on your dashboard seriously. But what if the oil light keeps coming on from time to time?

If you observe your Toyota RAV4 oil light coming on from time to time, the pressure is too low. The cause will also depend on whether the car is moving or idle.

If the light flickers when your car is not moving, the problem could be with the oil sensor or insufficient pressure. Ideally, the oil pressure should be between 5 and 10 PSI when the car is idle. Anything lower than that will make the oil light flicker on and off. If the vehicle is in motion, the constant flickering might be a sign that the oil levels are too low.

There are several reasons why the low-pressure light might start flickering. The first one is worn-out oil. That’s why changing your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is essential. It is also possible that some components of the engine are worn out. That leads to broadening those parts, making it easy for the oil to flow. Consequently, the oil pressure goes down.

Another possible explanation is that your oil filter is clogged or dirty. When the filter is not working as it should, it will allow oil to flow easily, reducing the pressure. While not so common, sometimes the problem is with the pump. A malfunctioning oil pump might create wider passageways between the rotors, decreasing the rate of flow.

Besides, an overheating engine could lead to a decrease in pressure. It causes the oil to thin, hindering pressure build-up. That triggers the oil pressure light.

What is the Typical Toyota RAV4 Oil Life?

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Changing your oil on time can save you so many problems. As your RAV4 engine continues to rack up miles, you need clean oil to protect it from wear and tear and to prevent a build-up of sludge.

What is the typical Toyota RAV4 oil life? Is it time to change? While some cars can make it to 10,000 miles without an oil change, you are better off changing your RAV4 oil every 5,000 miles. That way, the oil will not go stale in the engine, saving you a lot of trouble.

Besides, your RAV4 can show you some signs which indicate it’s time for an oil change. The most obvious one is the oil light flickering on the dashboard. Another telltale sign is smoke from your RAV4’s exhaust pipe. The smoke means that the oil is no longer fit for the engine, and it’s time for a change.

As oil flows through the components of your engine, it collects grime, which makes it turn darker. Therefore, if your dipstick comes out with dirty oil, it could be time to get it changed. It is also typical for vehicles that need new oil to vibrate, especially when idling, so if you notice that with your RAV4, it’s time to change the oil.

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Another common sign that you need new oil is issues when trying to change gears. Other times, you might hear a ticking sound from your engine.

Reasons Why Toyota RAV4 Oil Change Light Flickering

Oil change and check engine light

Every car owner dreads a moment when one of the warning lights goes off on the dashboard. Therefore, you might be frightened if you see the oil change light flickering.

A flickering oil change light could be due to several reasons. The most likely being that the oil is too low. It could also mean that the oil is leaking due to worn-out engine bearings. You should always take immediate action if you notice the light flickering.

Your RAV4, like any other car, needs regular maintenance. So, you need to change the oil after every six months or 5,000 miles–whichever comes first. Suppose your light starts flickering, park your RAV4 to the side of the road and turn off your engine. Give it some time to cool down, then go in with your dipstick. Chances are that the oil level is low. In that case, you should top up the oil before you get behind the wheel again. You need to change the filter if the dipstick comes out with dirty oil. Dirty oil is darker, with a thick consistency.

It is possible for the engine light to flicker even though you just got an oil change. That could be due to the wear and tear of your engine parts. While you can check for oil levels on your own, you need the help of a professional mechanic in the case of worn-out engine parts.

It could also be an electrical issue with the oil pressure sensor or gauge. You can inspect the fuse box and look for the one used by the oil sensor. If it’s blown, replacing it should fix the problem. You might need to call your mechanic for further diagnosis if that doesn’t work.

Additionally, if your oil is too thick, it might not flow through the engine parts properly. While high-viscosity oil does an excellent job of protecting the engine from high temperatures, it might not be ideal if you live in a cold region. The best way to prevent challenges with viscosity is to check the manual for recommendations.

How To Reset Toyota RAV4 Oil Change Light

The oil change light serves as a gentle reminder that it’s time to change your oil. Typically, it comes on once you switch your engine on and go off a few seconds later. So, once you replace the oil, you need to reset the light for a fresh start.

When resetting your Toyota RAV4 oil change light, start by inserting the car key in the ignition and switch it to position one. Then push and hold the trip meter reset switch on the dashboard. Then turn the key to position two. Hold the odometer for about 10 seconds. Then release the odometer and start the car.

Ideally, the light should flash or beep, then go out. However, sometimes it might fail to work on the first attempt. If that happens, repeat the process one more time. If the light remains on even after a couple of attempts, consider taking your car in for a proper inspection by a professional.

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