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Toyota RAV4 Fuel (Door/Gauge/Pump) Problems

Some Toyota RAV4 owners have experienced fuel or gas problems with their vehicles from time to time. All of these issues are fixable but hard to detect.

One of the benefits of owning a Toyota RAV4 is gaining good mileage on extended trips. But like other vehicles, it does have fuel and gas problems that could force it off the road for a period of time.

Car getting fuel at gas pum

Despite being one of the top-selling SUVs in the auto industry, the Toyota RAV4 has maintained a good maintenance history. However, recently the vehicle has been experiencing fuel pump issues. The defective part caused the RAV4 engine to stall in heavy traffic.

Toyota engineers discovered the RAV4 gas tank failed to fill to capacity. Thus, the vehicle driving range has been compromised.

Recently, Toyota had to settle out of court with RAV4 owners due to a false advertisement of the vehicles having a 14.5-gallon gas tank. It actually holds an 11-gallon tank.

Toyota RAV4 Fuel Door Not Opening or Stuck

Car gas door

A troubling mechanical issue for Toyota RAV4 owners is the fuel door not opening. Often, they do not know what to do next.

Not all fuel doors are the same. Some may malfunction earlier than others, but drivers need to gain access to the gas cap in order to fill up their Toyota RAV4. 

Multiple factors come into play if your Toyota RAV4 fuel door fails to open. Often, it is because of gas debris buildup or corrosion forming on the door’s hinges. Rust will make the fuel door hard to open or close properly. 

If your Toyota RAV4 fuel door fails to open, there is a quick solution to solve your problem. First, you may want to check your Toyota RAV4 owner’s manual to confirm the location of the emergency fuel door release lever. Typically, it can be found in the vehicle’s trunk area. Once located, you can pull the release lever to open the fuel door. 

Problems With Toyota RAV4 Fuel Gauge Not Working

Car fuel gauge

A growing problem for Toyota RAV4 owners is the vehicle’s fuel gauge not working efficiently. And no owner understands what could cause this problem.

Issues with your Toyota RAV4 fuel gauge can occur without much notice given. If you wait to fix the problem, you’re playing a game of driving to a desired location before running out of gas.

A fuel gauge is a composite foam connected to a metal arm. A sensor inside the tank keeps track of how far the fuel gauge rises and falls during usage. Hopefully, the readings are accurate in providing how much fuel is available. 

The result of your vehicle’s fuel gauge not working correctly is an inaccurate level of gas readings. Usually, the problem is a blown fuse or corroded metal arm. Each is a simple fix if you have the right tools. The repairs can be done in your garage.

Toyota RAV4 Fuel Pump Not Working

Woman about to fill her car with gas

A fuel pump issue is an ongoing problem for Toyota RAV4 owners. But detecting this malfunction is not easy. 

If your Toyota RAV4 fuel pump does not work, no gas will enter the engine. Without fuel, you are not traveling anywhere any time soon. Thankfully, replacing a fuel pump is a straightforward repair. 

In all Toyota RAV4s, the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank. Its sole purpose is to move gasoline along the path to the engine. However, the position of the fuel pump makes it difficult to repair or replace the car part without a little effort. Nevertheless, the fuel pump is an important component in keeping a vehicle moving.

There are signs that your Toyota RAV4 fuel pump is failing. Before heading to the dealership’s service department, confirm the vehicle’s computer system has issued “check engine” codes. Often, these warnings detect the system pressure readings are too low. The RAV4 engine will not run at full efficiency. Warning signs will be more apparent when attempting to drive up a steep incline. The vehicle will feel like the engine is running out of steam. If left alone, the fuel pump will cease working and the engine won’t start.

A trained service technician should replace a Toyota RAV4 fuel pump. They have experience in making a diagnosis and making the necessary repairs. Plus, each technician will test the new fuel pump to confirm the pressure is up to standards.

Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Not Filling

Gas pump filling car

One of the pressing issues with today’s RAV4 models is their inability to fill the gas tank up. Owners are confused by this revelation.

Toyota RAV4 owners have growing concerns about their vehicle’s gas tank not filling up at the pump. Clearly, there are problems that need to be fixed. 

One of the benefits of owning a new Toyota RAV4 is the vehicle offers good mileage. But owners are reporting they can fill up with a higher number of gallons than expected. The posted window sticker estimated the Toyota RAV4 to have a 14.5-gallon fuel tank. However, the actual number is in the area of 11 gallons of gasoline the tank can hold. It requires more of a need to refuel at a higher pace than expected.

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Thankfully, having a gas tank not filling is not a safety issue. But, it is more of a monetary problem for gas allotment within a family’s monthly budget. Gas tank issues affect the distance you can drive before you’re required to stop at a gas station. These frequent stops can be frustrating on a long-distance trip.

Toyota RAV4 Gas Cap Problems

Car gas cap

It can be frustrating for Toyota RAV4 owners if they have gas cap problems (clicking or tightening) after filling up their vehicle.

Gas cap problems with your Toyota RAV4 can be an expensive proposition. The reason being is removing the “check engine” warning from the vehicle’s dashboard is a difficult process.

A gas cap is a simple screw-on lid. It has deep threads that keep the fuel inside the Toyota RAV4 gas tank. If you have gas cap problems, there is an excellent chance the gas will evaporate out of the tank. And if you’re involved in an accident with another vehicle, the loosened gas cap problems could cause the fuel to leak and start a fire or explosion.

Reasons why a Toyota RAV4 has gas cap problems include the cap having damaging threads that make it impossible to click or tighten. Over time, you may see a crack or solid break in the gas cap. Each case will force you to take your RAV4 to a local Toyota dealership. A service department technician will assess the condition of the gas cap. They will clean, repair or replace the part if it cannot click or tighten properly. 

How to Reset Toyota RAV4 Fuel Gauge

Car fuel gauge

Too often, Toyota RAV4 owners notice their vehicle’s fuel gauge is moving erratically while in use. It needs to be reset, but how does one do it?

The cause of this problem is inexperienced service technicians who failed to reset the fuel gauge after making repairs to your Toyota RAV4. Resetting the fuel gauge is a quick, straightforward process.

The steps to reset a Toyota RAV4 fuel gauge is a simple procedure. The process begins by making sure your RAV4  is parked on a flat surface. This guarantees the gas tank is level. Next, press the ignition button, but do not hit the gas pedal. Locate the Trip/Odometer button on the dashboard or steering wheel. Usually, the location is dependent on the year of your Toyota RAV4. Consult with your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of the button’s location. 

Press the ignition button off. Next, press and hold the “trip/odo” button, then press the ignition button. Keep holding the “trip/odo” button for a few more seconds before releasing. Wait a bit before pressing and holding the “trip/odo” button three times before holding it down. Keep the button in place for five seconds until the odometer shows the vehicle’s gas level. Once again, press and hold the “trip/odo” button until the odometer reads “1.” This will confirm the reset process is taking place. Keep holding the button until the fuel gauge is reset. 

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