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Toyota RAV4 AWD Problems (How to Fix/Reset)

Toyota RAV4 owners fear their vehicle is inoperable because of recent problems with the all-wheel drive (AWD) feature. 

The Toyota RAV4 AWD is a popular feature with car owners, but like the vehicle’s other mechanical components, it will malfunction from time to time. You will have to troubleshoot the AWD system to determine where repairs are needed.

SUV AWD tire

The Toyota RAV4 offers an AWD system that provides additional power to all four wheels from the engine. It is a popular feature among drivers because it combines safety with better steering control and fuel efficiency in less-than-ideal road conditions.

However, if the system malfunctions, the 2WD mode will begin operation. Immediately, you should bring your RAV4 to a local Toyota dealership. A service technician will conduct a thorough examination of the disabled AWD system. They know how to make all the necessary repairs. Even if the AWD system is not malfunctioning, you will need to remove the alert code from the dashboard. A preventative maintenance schedule will ensure the AWD system is in good working condition.

Is Toyota RAV4 AWD Always On?

All-wheel drive is an added feature to all Toyota RAV4 vehicles. New owners have trouble understanding when the AWD is on and how the system works.

The RAV4 model has been a perennial best-seller for Toyota. The AWD system enhances the vehicle’s rugged appearance, which is best at tackling rough terrain. However, the type of RAV model will determine how the AWD works. 

The advanced technology in the Toyota RAV4 AWD system has been tough to duplicate by other automakers. Quickly, the vehicle is more versatile than any other SUV driving around town. The AWD system will keep your RAV4 on the road in the roughest weather conditions imaginable.  

Thus, the AWD is considered “on-demand” in all driving situations. Your SUV will travel in front-wheel drive mode until the back-end sensors detect unstable road conditions, then the AWD will turn on to stabilize the vehicle. The engagement of the system will provide the driver with better balance and traction to combat the rough terrain.

The Toyota RAV4 does not allow the driver to disable the AWD system. It would negate the ability to provide more traction and engine power to the vehicle’s front and rear wheels.

Toyota RAV4 AWD Not Working

AWD words on car

Having mechanical problems with the AWD system will ruin your plans to use the RAV4 for an out-of-town road trip. 

If your RAV4 AWD is malfunctioning, the vehicle’s level of safety on the road has been compromised. It is important to inspect the system to regain the RAV4’s high-performance level, which reduces your risk of being in an accident.

The Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive (AWD) is available on all modern models. The system provides front and rear wheel power that improves the vehicle’s traction in questionable road conditions. Driving becomes much more manageable in icy weather.

The AWD system is continuously operating while your RAV4 is moving on the road. But, it will register a malfunction warning indicator if the vehicle’s gas cap is loose. It is a simple fix. You open the fuel door and tighten the cap or replace it with a new one. Other components that could cause the AWD system to malfunction include the transmission, sensors and ignition problems. 

Often, error codes will appear on the dashboard. To avoid major repairs, take your RAV4 to the service department at your local Toyota dealership.

Toyota RAV4 AWD and Check Engine Light On

Toyota RAV4 owners are baffled when the AWD and check engine lights go on the dashboard. What’s confusing them is the lights illuminate, but the system seems to be engaged.

If your Toyota RAV4 AWD and check engine lights appear on the dashboard simultaneously, you may have mechanical issues with the vehicle’s system. It would be wise to bring your RAV4 to a local Toyota dealership for a comprehensive diagnostic test.

Dashboard lights are indicators to the driver that their Toyota RAV4 is in need of service repairs. They provide information about the current condition of your vehicle. All RAV4 owners should have a basic understanding of why an indicator light comes on. It could help to keep your vehicle on the road. 

If the AWD and check engine lights come on together, you must take this notice seriously or risk major repair work. A service technician will inspect to confirm the condition of the RAV4’s AWD system. Usually, the gas cap is loose. The fix is stopping the vehicle and checking the condition of the cap. If you tighten the gas cap, the dashboard lights will disappear.

Also, the AWD system might have overheated, which may require immediate service repairs.

Toyota RAV4 All-Wheel Drive Light On

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At times, your Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive light might go on and remain lit indefinitely. You may seek a reason why this occurs.

There are several factors why the vehicle’s all-wheel drive indicator light will come on inside your Toyota RAV$. You may have to troubleshoot before pinpointing the problem. 

The first step is to inspect the AWD system to determine why the indicator light came on the dashboard. You may have detected the AWD overheated, which will send an alert to the driver. A Toyota RAV4 AWD is not designed to handle extreme weather. The rear wheels will continuously spin without moving forward. The excessive energy used will make the system overheat and malfunction. 

Another problem is sensor failure, which sends false data to the system’s mainboard. The alert will make the AWD light go on and possibly flash. You may have to reset the AWD system to remove the dashboard light.

And finally, new RAV4 owners may misinterpret why the all-wheel drive light is on the dashboard. Usually, it is because the system has been activated and running. However, if the light is flashing, you might have mechanical issues that should be repaired immediately. 

Toyota RAV4 All-Wheel Drive Disabled

Too often, new Toyota RAV4 owners fail to realize their vehicle’s all-wheel drive is disabled. It is not a simple fix by simply flipping a switch back on. 

The Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive is designed to be on continuously in order to counterattack questionable road conditions. So, the system will remain idle when not in use.

If you have concerns that your Toyota RAV4 all-wheel drive is disabled, you may have serious mechanical issues with the system. How did this occur? Unfortunately, the AWD system cannot be turned off under any circumstances. A sensor may have alerted the system’s mainboard to disable the system immediately.

Usually, the misreading is due to a cracked sensor, which happens from the daily wear and tear of travel on the road. If not replaced, a cracked sensor could endanger your safety on the road. Failure to activate the AWD system will not give the driver control of the vehicle in severe weather conditions. The system will be disabled until manually reset.

Toyota RAV4 AWD Error/Malfunction

Hands on driving wheel in car passing through mountain

New Toyota RAV4 owners are unsure what to do when an AWD error code appears on the dashboard screen. 

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If your Toyota RAV4 AWD system is sending error messages, you may want to inspect the system for mechanical issues.

Dashboard light alerts should never be taken for granted. You may have a problem with the vehicle’s AWD system. The odds are high that the AWD is disabled because of mechanical issues. It is wise to take your RAV4 to a local Toyota dealership for further inspection. Their service department has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and make all the necessary repairs.

How to Reset AWD Light on Toyota RAV4 

Toyota RAV4 owners are clueless about how to reset the AWD system and remove the dashboard’s light indicator.

A maintenance light (AWD indicator) will come on the RAV4 dashboard from time to time. After the repairs are completed, the AWD system should reset and remove all dashboard warning lights.

Here are steps to reset the AWD system:

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First, put your key in the ignition and turn it to the first position before turning over the engine. Next, press the trip meter button on the dashboard for a second or two. Simultaneously, turn the key to the second position. Finally, hold the odometer button for 10 seconds as the AWD light should flash and beep before disappearing. Once the light has disappeared, you can release the odometer button.

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