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Toyota Prius Doors Not Working

As cars get more sophisticated, the number of things that can go wrong with them increases.

This is true of door locking mechanisms.  

If your Toyota Prius doors are not working, then the problem could be your key fob battery, the receiving unit in the car, or worn-out door lock actuators. Over time, the door lock actuators can wear out. This will require that you either repair or replace them. Check if your key unlocks the door.

Hand opening car door handle

If your key works, then it is possible that the door lock actuator is faulty.

However, the battery in your key fob needs replacement every few years. So, if you have not replaced the battery in your key, then it is probably a good idea to replace it first before looking for the problem elsewhere.

The driver’s door is the most used, so the lock gets opened and closed most often. This leads to wear and tear which eventually leads to a failure of the door locking mechanism.

You can test the lock by using the key or the buttons on the door to see if the other doors lock and unlock when they are pushed.

If the other doors lock and unlock, then you can be sure that the actuator is the problem.

Toyota Prius Doors Won’t Unlock

Car door handle inside

Doors not unlocking is a known problem with Toyota Prius over a certain age.

If your Toyota Prius doors won’t unlock, then first check that there are no blown fuses. Then check that your starter battery is fine. It should read 12.6V to 12.8V normally and 9.6V to 10.5V when cranking it. A low battery will not provide sufficient voltage to unlock the doors.

If the fuse is blown, replace it and then test that the doors lock and unlock correctly.

It is also possible that the ECU is faulty and requires replacement. A technician should check the car out first before going to the expense of replacing it though.

Toyota Prius Doors Not Locking

Power car door locks

When the doors on your vehicle fail to open, there are a few ways that you can check where the problem lies.

If your Toyota Prius doors are not locking, check if it is just a single door or all the doors. If only one door fails to open, then it is likely that the actuator has failed. The actuator is responsible for powering the door locks open and closed. Replacing it requires the removal of the door panels.

Once the door panel and trim are removed, the door lock and actuator can be unscrewed and removed.

You need to be careful that you don’t snap any of the plastic clips off the various components as they are not sold separately.

Toyota Prius Doors Won’t Open

Blue car door exterior

Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to get into your car because your door won’t unlock.

When your Toyota Prius doors won’t open, check that the key fob battery is working. You should see a light come on when pressing the button. If one of the doors doesn’t open but the other doors do, then it is likely that the actuator is not working. Also, check the battery and fusebox.

A failed starter battery will not provide enough voltage to power the actuator.

Blown fuses are often overlooked as possible causes of door lock failure.

Toyota Prius Doors Won’t Open With Key

Hand pulling white car door handle

If the door lock is damaged or misaligned, then it may become difficult or impossible for you to open the car door with your key.

When Toyota Prius doors won’t open with a key, you should try lubricating the lock first. Using graphite powder, blow a small quantity into the lock and manipulate the key in the lock to see if it will turn.

If lubricating the lock does not help, then try cleaning out the door locking mechanism and lubricating it with a little grease.

You may also have to loosen the hinge bolts to realign the door so that there is no pressure on the locking mechanism.

If the locks are broken, you’ll need to replace them. To do this, you need to remove the door panels and the wiring connections.

Detach the actuator from the locking mechanism and remove the door locks by unscrewing the retaining screws.

Toyota Prius Door Sensor Not Working

Hand opening chrome car door handle

The sensors and other components in your car will wear out over time.

However, sometimes there are a few little tricks that are not commonly known that will help to fix door sensor problems.

If your Toyota Prius door sensor is not working, then you must reset the system. To do that, get into the car, close the door, and switch the vehicle on. Once the engine is running, reach under the steering wheel and locate the button marked “switch”. Press the button so that it pops out.

Depending on what setting the car is on, you may have to press the switch a couple of times before the sensor resets properly.

The sensor aerial connection may also have come loose or been corroded. In that case, you must test the wiring continuity to see where the problem lies.

Both the aerial and wiring can be replaced.

Toyota Prius Door Won’t Stay Open

Hand opening exterior white car door handle

A common problem with an older Toyota Prius is a worn driver’s door that won’t stay open.

If your Toyota Prius door won’t stay open, then you need to adjust or replace the door check. This is a small component in the door hinge area that prevents the door from banging closed on you. You will have to remove the door panel to reach the door check and remove it.

There are two bolts on the door and two on the door frame. Loosen both sets of bolts and remove the door check by threading it back through the inside of the door.

Fitting a new door check is the reverse process.

Toyota Prius Doors Won’t Open From Inside

Hand pushing car power lock door buttons

Some older Toyota Priuses will sometimes develop a fault with the door locking mechanism. You’ll have to remove the door panel to gain access to the components that must be replaced.

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If your Toyota Prius doors won’t open from inside, the door lock actuator may have failed. First, check that the fuse has not blown and that you have a fully charged starter battery. If the master door lock on the driver’s side fails to lock the doors, then it is probably the switch that is faulty.

Check the locking mechanism on the door that does not lock for a stretched cable, disconnected rods, or broken plastic clips.

Finally, check that the actuator is receiving power by testing the connector while activating the door lock button.

If power is present, then the actuator is likely the problem. If there is no power, then you will need to test the wiring to see if it is worn or damaged.

If you are still unable to trace the fault, then try activating the lock using the key fob. If it fails to lock and unlock the door, then it is possible that the body control module may be faulty.

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