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Toyota Corolla Glove Box Stuck

The glove box may not be essential to your car’s operation or your safety, but it is a nifty and convenient feature. This compartment is built into the dashboard of your vehicle and used for miscellaneous storage, like your vehicle’s manual. So what do you do if your Toyota Corolla glove box is stuck and won’t open or close at all?

A Toyota Corolla’s glove box may become stuck if an object inside is obstructing the latch mechanism. This can happen if items in the glove box shift and get caught in the latch area, preventing it from opening. To resolve this, gently push on the glove box door while trying to open it. This can help reposition any obstructed items, allowing the latch to release. If possible, try to feel around through any gaps for the obstructing object and move it away from the latch.

Another reason for a glove box getting stuck is a broken or misaligned latch. Over time and with frequent use, the latch can wear out or become misaligned. If pushing on the door doesn’t work, inspect the latch from any visible angle for signs of damage or misalignment. If accessible, adjust or realign the latch, or it may need to be replaced if broken.

Car glove box latch

In this article, I will talk about glove compartments in more detail, including steps on what to do if your Toyota Corolla glove box will not open or will not close. You will also learn how to remove the compartment itself and what to do if air is coming through the glove box.

Toyota Corolla Glove Box Won’t Open/Close

Car glove box door open

Your Toyota Corolla’s glove box may get stuck if a foreign object gets wedged between the door and the edge of the compartment or in the hinge mechanism inside. Another possible reason for the jamming is a faulty latch mechanism. This mechanism involves some moving parts, so if these parts are not properly lubricated, it could impede normal movement.

If it’s the other way around, and your Corolla’s glove box refuses to close, the reason could be something as simple as overstuffing. Perhaps one of the contents got stuck or wedged in the way of the catch, or maybe there is a faulty damper or displaced hinge preventing the glove box from sitting on the lower hinge points properly.

Toyota Corolla Glove Box Stuck

Car glove box latch and lock

Often, you can open a jammed or stuck glove box by gently tapping its latch mechanism and pulling on the door carefully. The gentle tapping could put everything back to their proper positions.

Don’t slam on your glove compartment’s door and do not exert brute force as this could make the problem worse. Just go back and forth between tapping the box’s latch and trying to pull on the door until it finally opens.

If this doesn’t work, you will need to learn how to pick a lock.

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The lock handle of your car’s glove box door has a tiny plastic hook about the width of a matchstick. This hook pulls down the compartment’s locking pin, which is loaded with a spring, and features a small barb that touches the locking pin. However, this barb is prone to breakage. And when this happens, it could cause your glove box to get stuck.

There’s good news, though. You can reach this barb from the outside.

Make sure to pull the passenger’s seat back so you can get in under your glove box. By lifting the handle, you will be able to see the glove compartment’s locking mechanism, including the tiny groove that allows for the plastic hook to move. From there, you will be able to get to the locking pin.

You can use a steel wire, a precision screwdriver, or anything that’s long and thin enough to fit into the mechanism. Wiggle the wire until it makes its way to the locking pin and push it a little. The glove box will open once you are able to pull this locking pin down.

Lack of lubrication is also a rather common cause of recurrent glove box opening issues. So if you think this is the case, you need to apply light oil to the moving parts in the latch. Of course, this would require you to open the glove box first. Then swing the door back and forth to spread the lubricant. Proper lubrication would free up its mechanism. If it still doesn’t free up the latch, you may need to buy a new latch or a new glove box door from a truster car parts retailer.

Toyota Corolla Glove Box Latch

Hand opening car glove box

If your glove box won’t close or latch, the first thing you need to do is clear out its contents so you can see the compartment and inspect its hinges. If something is stuck inside, it is likely that you will notice it right away.

If you are sure that no object is lodged in your glove compartment’s door and is preventing it from closing, the next simplest thing to do is to try pulling out the metal shackle where your door latches. It may just have been pushed in a bit too far, and the door’s hook can’t attach itself.

Toyota Corolla Cold Air Coming Through Glove Box

Hand closing car glove box

Some vehicles have a glove box cooling option, which is powered by their air conditioning system through a vent that you are free to close and open. This cooling feature helps make sure that whatever you have kept inside your glove box, especially your documents and your car manual, does not deteriorate with the extreme heat of the sun.

This cooling system, however, was initially designed so you could tow sealed beverages and food inside it and keep them cool for long road trips.

Feeling cool air coming through the compartment is quite a common problem. It could be because there is something wrong with the cabin air filter or with its intake inside the glove box. Or perhaps it is because the filter has accumulated too much dirt over the years and finally needs a replacement.

You may also read your manual regarding this and perhaps also learn about your cooling system’s recirculation mode. Activating this mode would prevent your windows from fogging.

Toyota Corolla Glove Box Removal

Tools mounted on wall

If the above solutions do not work at fixing your glove box permanently, you may need to remove the compartment altogether for further inspection. It is possible that the damper needs to be replaced.

Remove your Corolla glove box by opening it first. This allows you access to its screws at the side and to the dampers. With a screwdriver, remove the screws that hold your glove box and its damper one by one.

Check Owner’s Manual To Fix Toyota Corolla Glove Box

Keep in mind that not all Toyota Corolla’s glove boxes are created equal; if you encounter problems, the solution may be specific only to your type of car. Whatever works for glove compartments in other car brands and models may not work for your Corolla’s glove box since each has different shapes, forms, styles, and locking and hinge mechanisms.

As such, consulting the owner’s manual for your car is always the best way to approach problems like this. Your manual contains diagrams that would help you know the different parts of your car. If your attempts at fixing your glove box issues still failed and you are worried about causing worse damage if you try further and having to do replacements and major repairs as a result, then you always have the option to take your car to a professional mechanic.

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