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Toyota Camry Navigation System Problems

Many Toyota vehicles on the market today come with a navigation system installed, including the new Toyota Camry. These systems have become standard in many vehicles today and can store your recent locations, gas mileage, your vehicle’s maintenance records, and even your phone book from your cell phone.

Toyota Camry navigation system issues may arise from outdated software. To fix this, update the system with the latest software version available from Toyota. This can often be done via a downloaded update on a USB drive that you insert into the vehicle’s USB port.

Another common issue could be a malfunctioning GPS antenna or poor signal reception. If the navigation system has trouble locating the vehicle or frequently loses signal, check the GPS antenna for damage or obstructions and ensure it has a clear view of the sky.

Car interior touchscreen

Lastly, problems with the navigation system can also be due to a drained or faulty vehicle battery. If the battery is not providing consistent power, the navigation system may reset or malfunction. Check the battery’s charge and health, and replace it if necessary to ensure stable operation of the navigation system.

Drivers have become reliant on navigational systems, so when they have problems you may feel confused and lost. Below are some common problems with the Toyota Camry navigation system and how to fix them so that you can get to where you need to be seamlessly and accurately. That way, you can get just about anywhere at any time.

Toyota Camry Navigation System Problems

The following new Toyota vehicles come with the Entune Audio Plus with Scout or Entune Premium: 4Runner, Corolla, Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia, and yes – the Toyota Camry. The Entune System is the infotainment system that pairs with your smartphone and contains the tools, applications, and features through the system’s touch screen.

Toyota has a navigation system called the Scout GPS Link that is similar to other manufacturer’s navigation products. Not only does the Scout GPS Link provide Toyota Camry drivers with information on traffic, directions, and voice commands for hands-free abilities. The navigation program gives a variety of offerings all from one screen:

  • Turn-by-turn directions that are voice-prompted
  • Voice-activated searches
  • Traffic-based commute information for the fastest route
  • Searching for gas prices near you
  • Easy to read day and night modes
  • Saving of the destinations you have driven

Toyota vehicles that are a model year 2016 or later that are equipped with the Entune Audio Plus system can also download Toyota’s official navigation App called the Scout GPS Link. As long as your Toyota Camry has Entune, which the newer models automatically come equipped with, you can get the Scout GPS Link navigation system.

Although Toyota does give you the convenience of directions, quicker routes during your commute, and the cheapest gas prices in your area, there have also been some issues with the Toyota Camry navigation screen and system.

Toyota Camry Navigation Screen Black

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If your Toyota Camry navigation screen has gone black, there are a few things you can check before calling the dealership. First, check to make sure the radio has power. If it does then you can check to make sure the fuses are all working. There could be a wire in the backlight that is broken, which would mean a trip to the dealership.

Before paying the dealer to fix your black screen, however, you could reset the navigation system. Now, this will reset it back to factory settings, which means you will lose all of your personal information (including contacts, driving destinations, etc.). However, this could be an inexpensive fix for the black screen and the navigation system not working.

Toyota Camry Navigation Not Working

Car GPS and navigation touchscreen

If your Toyota Camry navigation system is not working, you can reset the navigation pretty seamlessly. However, when you reset your navigation system it will erase all of your personal data and will basically start your navigation from the scratch factory default. If your navigation is not working, however, resetting it is a common fix:

  • Turn on your Navigation system and press “Setup” located on the right side of the unit.
  • Select “General” located on the top right side of the touchscreen menu.
  • Press the “Down” button until you locate “Delete Personal Data” and select this option.
  • Press “Yes” to confirm that you want to delete your personal data.

Completing the four steps above will reset your navigation to factory default on the Toyota navigation system. You can then start from scratch and begin using your navigation system again.

How Can I Update Toyota Camry Navigation System for Free?

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If you want to update your Toyota Camry navigation system for free, you will need to already have in your possession a self-install DVD depending on your vehicle model:

  • Confirm the model, and year of your Toyota Camry and what options package is available.
  • Confirm the model and version number of your navigation system and the map that is installed by pressing “Menu” and then the “DVD” button on the touchscreen.

Otherwise, you will need to contact your dealership to find out the details and pricing of the updated navigation maps because updates are only available from Toyota dealers or directly from Toyota. Once you have access to the most current maps, you will be able to use your navigation system more accurately when driving to destinations.

Toyota Camry Navigation SD Card

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The most up-to-date Toyota Camry navigation SD card can be purchased either at your local Toyota dealership or online. Since the software is usually updated every fall, this is the perfect time to update your SD card with the consultation of your local Toyota dealership.

When consulting your local dealership, you will want to make sure the latest SD card has updates that are meaningful to the area in which you live and drive. If they are not, you will probably want to stick with your current navigation SD card until there are significant updates that matter to you most.

How to Install Navigation App on Toyota Camry

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If you have a Toyota Camry with the Entune Audio Plus, you can download the Scout GPS Link app on your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once you have installed the GPS Link app onto your smartphone, you can then connect it to your Toyota Camry using the Bluetooth that is in your car’s multimedia system.

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Entune contains numerous features within the touchscreen. It comes with voice recognition, a USB port, Bluetooth music streaming, and even hands-free capabilities to work the system. In addition to the navigation app, you can also install through your Entune system, Toyota Camry drivers can enjoy the following:

  • The Entune App Suite
  • On-board Wi-Fi so you have access to the Internet
  • Hands-free entertainment options
  • Bluetooth connecting to your smartphone
  • Music streaming
  • Remote car controls
  • Safety connections that alert emergency services of an accident or emergency

If your vehicle does not have the Scout GPS Link navigation app installed when you purchase your vehicle, you can easily download it for free using your smartphone and Bluetooth devices.

Toyota Camry Navigation App Not Installed

As long as you have Entune Audio Plus already installed in your Toyota Camry, you can easily install the navigation app, Scout GPS Link using your smartphone, and the vehicle’s Bluetooth capabilities. You will need a compatible Android or iPhone that is able to connect to your Entune via Bluetooth. Then, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Connect your Android or Apple smartphone to your Toyota Camry’s Entune system using Bluetooth
  • Download the app for Scout GPS Link onto your smartphone (available either through Google Play or the Apple App Store)
  • Open the Scout GPS Link app on your smartphone
  • Touch the button “Let’s get started” located near the bottom of your phone above “I am already a member”
  • Create your own personal Scout account or touch “Skip” to immediately initialize the app
  • You will see a yellow arrow in a circle and a picture of your phone connected to a car via another yellow arrow. This means the app was initialized successfully.

The Scout GPS Link will only work on your smartphone if you allow the app to access your location. After the app is initialized, your Toyota Camry’s touch screen will tell you to update your Entune system by touching “Now.” This will officially begin the update and you can select “Download to Background” to use Entune while it is downloading.

Once the update download is finished, you will need to install it by selecting “Install” on the bottom right of the touchscreen. This will complete the installation of the Scout GPS Link navigation system into your vehicle. The Scout GPS Link will now appear on the Apps screen, called Scout GPS, and you can start using all of the navigation features.

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