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Toyota Camry Hood Latch Broken

Toyota’s are known for being extremely durable cars and the Camry is no exception. But Camry’s are not without problems, especially minor ones like when the hood latch is broken.

If a Toyota Camry’s hood latch is broken, it may be due to a snapped release cable. This can prevent the hood from opening. The temporary solution is to reach under the hood, locate the remaining cable or latch lever, and pull it with pliers. For a permanent fix, the cable should be replaced.

Another cause for a hood latch issue could be corrosion or debris buildup in the latch mechanism itself. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the hood latch can prevent this. If the latch is already stuck, applying penetrating oil and gently tapping the latch can free it up.

Mechanic looking under car hood

Lastly, the hood latch may appear broken if the alignment of the hood is off, preventing proper latching. Check for any signs of misalignment and adjust the hood bump stops or latch placement as necessary. If the hood has been damaged or bent, it may need professional adjustment or repair to ensure the latch can engage properly.

So if you want to know all about the hood on your Camry and what you can do to get the latch working again, read on.

Toyota Camry Hood Latch Broken

If you have a broken hood latch it could be from a variety of reasons, and like all cars, Toyotas are not entirely immune from a cascade of other problems such as:

  • Hood not staying up
  • Broken release cable
  • Hood not closing
  • The hood to remain closed

The problem that usually creates this scenario is that the hood latch is stuck in one position or the other.

Toyota Camry Hood Latch Stuck

Two things could cause the Toyota Camry hood latch to be stuck. The latch could be:

  • Frozen in place
  • Bent so that it is stuck in place

Different things could cause the latch to be frozen or bent. Usually, if a mechanism is frozen in place, it is because your car is in a cold and wet environment. If it is bent, the mechanism may be faulty, or possibly someone tried to maneuver the latch into a position it was not meant to go.

Whether the latch is frozen or bent so that it remains in one position or the other, the result is one of two things:

  • The hood will not close
  • The hood will not open

Read on to see what to do with your hood latch in either one of these scenarios.

Toyota Camry Hood Won’t Close

If the hood latch will not close, you need first to evaluate what the cause of the problem is as discussed above.

Then you can go about solving the problem. If the hood latch is frozen, simply get some oil and apply it to the moving parts of the latch. Work the latch open and closed several times and then open and shut the hood several times.

If, however, the hood latch is bent, then you have a slightly more complicated process to fix it.

  • Buy a new hood latch
  • Remove the broken hood latch by taking apart the hood latch assembly
  • Install the new hood latch

Once you have done these things, then you can check the hood latch assembly by shutting the hood and opening it again.

Toyota Camry Hood Latch Won’t Open

You can follow the basic steps above if your Camry hood latch will not open. Sometimes this can even happen after you have opened the hood (which is preferable).

In that case, simply diagnose whether it is frozen or bent, then follow the appropriate steps to resolve the problem. The more difficult situation, however, is if the latch is stuck and the hood is closed.

Toyota Camry Hood Not Opening

Mechanic looking under car hood

If the hood of your Camry will not open, you could have a couple of problems:

  • The latch is frozen or bent
  • The release cable is broken

In either case, the priority is to get the hood open so you can diagnose what the problem is.

How to Open Car Hood Toyota Camry

If the release cable still works but the first catch of the latch is not letting go then you need another person to help you with the following steps:

  • One person pulls the release
  • The second person puts weight on the Camry’s hood directly over the area of the latch

This action will often cause the initial catch to release. If, in addition to that, the main latch is frozen (the one that you operate with a lever under the hood), then you will probably need a pry bar or a pick.

However, if the release cable is broken, you have a couple of options:

  • Use a screwdriver through the grill to manipulate the latch
  • Remove the shield or guard that covers the underneath side of the Camry and use a much longer screwdriver to manipulate the latch from below

The key is to get that first catch to release so that you can release the hood with the lever or with a pry bar if that is stuck too.

Toyota Camry Hood Release Broken

Mechanic fixing car engine

Sometimes the hood will not open because the release cable is broken. It is easy to figure out if this is the case. Simply pull the level. You know the cable is broken if:

  • There is no tension on the lever
  • The small plastic nub that holds the cable in place is missing
  • The cable is broken close to the latch

If any of the above things is the case, then you have a broken release cable that you need to fix.

Toyota Camry Hood Release Cable Broken

If the hood release cable is broken, then you will not be able to open the hood no matter how hard you pull on it. The cable runs from the lever under the dash to the catch that releases the hood and engages the latch.

This means the cable needs to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes the plastic nub that holds the cable in place slides out of the thing that holds it secure. This is a simple repair. Just slide the cable back into position.

How to Replace Hood Release Cable Toyota Camry

If the cable is actually broken then you need to replace it using the following steps:

  • Remove the latch mechanism once you have the hood open (you will need a socket wrench)
  • Pull the broken cable toward you until it is free
  • Thread the new cable back into the tub until pops out at the lever under the dash
  • Slide the plastic nub into place
  • Replace the latch mechanism with the cable attached

The process is actually pretty straightforward and should only require one set of tools.

Toyota Camry Hood Latch Sensor

Mechanic fixing car

In addition to mechanical problems, the sensor on the latch can also cause you difficulty.

The hood latch sensor is designed to tell you if the hood is open while driving or being opened while the car is locked with the security system engaged.

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In both cases, the solution is the same: replace the latch. You can also simply disconnect the sensor. Read on for the details of these two problems.

Toyota Camry Hood Latch Alarm

The hood latch sensor is designed to protect your car from theft. So if someone tries to open the hood while the car is locked, the alarm will go off.

But if the hood sensor is malfunctioning, it can cause the car alarm to go off mistakenly whether someone is trying to open the hood or not.

Toyota Camry Hood Open Warning

The hood latch sensor is also designed to trigger a dummy light if the hood is open while you are driving. The hood rarely pops open while driving. More likely you had the hood open and did not close it properly.

However, if the sensor is malfunctioning, then it may trigger the dummy light even when the hood is actually closed.

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Toyota Camry Hood Won’t Stay Up

Car mechanic

Another problem that can happen with the hood of your Camry is that it will not stay up when you finally do get it open and want to look at your engine. This usually happens because the hood support struts have failed. The support struts are what hold your hood open without a rod that, back in the day, you had to fix to the hood.

In this case, you simply need to:

  • Buy new hood support struts for your Camry
  • Replace the old ones

If you have to order them, you can keep the hood open by tightening a vise grip to the metal part of the strut just above the plastic sheath. That will keep the struts from sliding back into place, thus keeping your hood up while you do what you need to do.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple reasons why your Toyota Camry hood latch is broken, but there is an equal number of solutions to this problem. With some care and patience, you can fix your Camry’s hood latch without paying a mechanic.

If you are unable to fix the hood on your own, then consider having your hood seen by an experienced mechanic.

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