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Toyota C-HR Radio Won’t Turn On (How to Fix)

It can be very frustrating when your Toyota C-HR radio is not working. Here are two things that may get it up and running quickly.

Replacing Parts after Repair

When the radio is disconnected for any maintenance, reconnecting it again could cause problems. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to replace the Radio receiver assembly with a new unit rather than trying to use the old unit.

If you try to use old parts on something new or updated, it is likely to cause communication problems. You may find that the radio is not operating as expected or will not turn on.

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Check the Warranty

Sometimes, the radio may not come on, but we may have power to it. You can check this with a multimeter, and if you have continuity, the problem may be in the radio head itself.

The first thing to do is to check the warranty. Some of these warranties are different from your car warranty, and they may replace it with a new one if problems occur.

Reasons Why Toyota C-HR Radio Won’t Turn On

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There may be some specific issues according to the model of the Toyota as to why the radio isn’t working. The same may also be true of popular aftermarket radios.

Let’s consider eight different items that can affect the ability of the car radio to work. Looking at these possibilities first can assist you in getting it fixed more quickly.

1. There Is A Problem With The Wiring

A common reason for a Toyota radio not to work is an issue with the wiring. This could be anything from a problem with the connecting pigtail to a short circuit in the wires.

The wires in your Toyota are protected with a special coating to keep current from traveling from one wire to another. If the wires get pinched or the protective layer gets damaged, the wires can short-circuit.

In many cases, the short circuit will affect more than just the radio. Typically, the radio is just the issue that you notice to alert you to the possibility of a wiring problem.

Tracing a wiring problem in a Toyota can be challenging, but it is possible. The easiest way to do so is using a multimeter to check continuity from the source to whatever it is powering.

If you have continuity from one to another, energy flows from beginning to end. If there is no continuity, the wiring has a break or a potential short.

It is best to replace the wiring rather than try to fix it. You may be able to temporarily patch the wiring, but it will likely be a problem in the future if it isn’t replaced completely.

2. The Anti-Theft System Is Active

One of the biggest problems I have experienced when fixing Toyotas is an issue with the anti-theft system. This system could kill the radio, keep the car from starting, set off an alarm, or do all of the above.

In many Toyotas, especially if you have an aftermarket radio, protecting that radio becomes a primary concern. People will break into the vehicle just to steal the radio, so protecting it with an anti-theft system is essential.

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that the anti-theft mode has been set. It sets automatically when you turn off the ignition and shut the car door. In some Toyotas, it activates when you lock the vehicle.

If the anti-theft system is not working correctly, it may keep the radio from working at any time, even while you are operating the vehicle.

If you need to reset the anti-theft system, follow this series of steps:

1. Insert the key into the car door lock.

2. Turn the key to the side and hold it for 30 seconds.

3. Turn the key to the right and left. Don’t do this too quickly, or it may not recognize the key.

4. Start the engine with the door unlocked.

Your immobilizer or anti-theft system should now be reset.

3. A Fuse Is Blown

The fuse may be a small item in your vehicle, but it can cause major headaches if it is blown. Fortunately, a blown fuse is easy to identify and replace.

The fuse is in place to protect your Toyota’s wiring and electrical components. If it experiences an overcurrent or a short circuit, the small wire inside the fuse will burn or melt, breaking the circuit.

Pro Tip: In older Toyotas, the fuse for the radio is the same fuse used for the cigarette lighter. Fuses are often attached to more than one item so it is easy to detect when they need to be replaced. Check your owner’s manual for any combination in your Toyota. If both items are not working, the problem is likely the fuse.

Before opening the fuse panel, I recommend that you disconnect the battery cables. There is not a lot of power running through the fuse panel, but it may be enough to shock you. It might not kill you, but it could be uncomfortable.

There will likely be a diagram on the cover of the fuse panel to help you identify the fuse locations. After identifying the proper fuse for the radio, remove it with a pair of fuse pliers. You can use needle nose pliers if you don’t have fuse pliers.

Inspect the fuse for any indication of burning or melting. Replace if necessary. If you have a spare fuse, replace it anyway.

4. The Tuner Is Bad

If your radio comes on but is not picking up any radio stations, it may be a problem with the tuner. This is not as much of a problem now, as most people use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and their mobile devices, but it may still be an issue for those who listen to FM or AM radio.

Check the antenna cable to ensure it is fully inserted into the head unit. Check all other connections to ensure they are not loose or corroded.

If you have any loose items, especially the antenna, you cannot connect to your favorite radio station unless you are right on top of the tower.

5. There Is A Speaker Problem

Sometimes a problem with the radio is not actually a problem with the radio itself. There may be a speaker problem that is causing the issue.

A speaker problem may be a problem with the speaker itself but more than likely, it is an issue with the wiring. You can check the wiring with a multimeter to see if there is continuity from the Radio head to the speaker.

If you don’t have continuity, you can replace the wiring. Otherwise, you may need to replace the speaker with an aftermarket option.

6. Dead Battery (Aftermarket Radio)

Most Toyota radios will not operate unless the key is in the ignition and the ignition is on. There may be cases where an aftermarket radio is hooked directly to the battery.

If you have an aftermarket radio that is not working, it could be a problem with the battery connection. The problem could be a dead battery or wiring from the battery to the radio itself.

When I had my car radio installation business, we would look for a nearby item that was always powered. This could be anything from a power port to the lights.

The power to the aftermarket radio may come from the fuse box and not directly from the battery itself. You will have to trace the wiring and check everything with a multimeter.

7. A Faulty Power Button

Sometimes the solution to a problem with your Toyota radio is more straightforward than you might think. That is good because it allows you to fix the problem quickly.

There may be times when your Toyota radio’s power button is faulty. This is difficult to fix in newer radios, but in order radios, you can pull the power button and often fix the problem.

Dust and grime can accumulate behind the power button and stop it from working. If you have an external power button, typically connected to the volume, you can pull it off and clean it.

The best way to clean the inside of the button is with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. You can then be thankful that the solution was simple if it worked for you.

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8. The Radio Is In Protected Mode

Certain radios are very valuable, and thieves target them in many cases. Some of these may be installed in your Toyota, so the radio may be just protecting itself.

When the radio is in protected mode, it may not power on at all, or it may come on, but nothing will happen. You have to turn off the protected mode at this point or reset the system.

The easiest way to reset the protected mode is to remove the faceplate and look for the reset button. Typically, this small inset button must be pushed with a wire, such as a paperclip.

Resetting the protected mode on your Toyota radio may get it up and running quickly. If it continues to go back into protected mode, there is likely another problem.

Troubleshooting Toyota C-HR Radio That Won’t Turn On

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Getting in our vehicle is something we do every day, sometimes many times per day. We tend to get in the car, turn on the radio, and start going. What can you do if your Toyota radio won’t turn on?

A blown fuse is the most likely reason a Toyota radio won’t turn on. If the fuse is blown, power will not get from the battery to the radio, and the unit will not operate. A blown fuse must be replaced for the radio to start working again.

Although the fuse is the most likely reason why this occurs, it certainly is not the only potential problem that can take place with your Toyota radio. Looking into why these issues can be a problem can help you to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

We discussed the possibility that a fuse is blown further in the previous section of this article, along with providing you detailed instructions on how to check and fix the problem.

Before you do any work on the car, regardless of whether it is in the fuse panel or not, make sure you are protecting yourself by wearing the proper PPE. The PPE would include safety glasses and, in some cases, all-purpose gloves.

You should also be cautious when working on the car’s electrical system because there is some juice flowing through it. The current may not be enough to kill you in most cases, but it can produce an uncomfortable shock if you touch the wrong item.

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