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How To Reset Honda Odyssey System

Your Honda Odyssey is a fine running machine and it is one of the more popular options for minivans. There may be times, however, when you may feel it is necessary to do a system restart. How is this done?

To reset the Honda Odyssey system, start by turning the ignition to the ON position without starting the engine. Press and hold the power button on the infotainment system for about 10 seconds until the system reboots. This process can resolve issues with the audio, navigation, and display glitches.

Hand on car steering wheel

Keep in mind, this reset procedure primarily addresses the infotainment system. If your Odyssey is experiencing issues with other electronic systems, like the ECU (Engine Control Unit) or other onboard computers, a more comprehensive reset may be required. This might involve disconnecting the battery for a short period to reset the vehicle’s electrical system fully.

Remember, disconnecting the battery can sometimes require you to enter a code to reactivate the radio or navigation system, so make sure you have these codes handy before proceeding.

Resetting your Honda Odyssey is not something that should be done without some forethought. Most people don’t realize exactly what happens when a full system reset takes place.

First of all, you are removing the history of the vehicle from the primary computer chip. That history may include vital information that would be necessary for a full system diagnostic.

In addition, the ECU holds a lot of information that helps your car run smoothly. This could include the idle speed, fuel mixture ratio, and other factors.

Essentially, when you reset the ECU and your system settings, you are taking everything back to factory specifications. At that point, you will have to begin building up a good history with the vehicle so everything runs as it should.

Something else you should consider is why you are thinking about resetting the system in the first place. In some cases, it may be to overcome an error or perhaps a warning message that is being provided by Honda.

The warning messages are not typically there by accident. In fact, it is very rare for one of those messages to appear inappropriately. In almost every case, it is due to an issue with the vehicle itself.

The only exception to this rule is when the sensor has gone bad. Resetting the light is the only way to get rid of it without changing out the sensor. It still should not be done without thought, because if a problem should occur, the warning will not happen.

The bottom line is, to try not to reset the system until the underlying problem has been fixed. This will help you to continue to drive your vehicle for the longest amount of time possible.

If you are ready to reset everything with your Honda Odyssey, take the following detailed steps:

1. Disconnect the Battery – Disconnecting the battery serves a number of purposes. Most importantly, it allows you to work in the fuse box without having to worry about getting shocked. You can disconnect the battery by disconnecting the cables from the battery terminals.

2. Remove the ECU Fuse – Look in the fuse panel and you will see a diagram that shows you the location of the fuses and what they control. Find the fuse that is marked for the ECU and remove it. Set it off to the side for a few minutes.

3. Dissipate Any Energy – Sit in the car and push down on the brake pedal. The brake pedal will turn on the lights and drain any pent-up energy the vehicle may be holding. You don’t need to have the key on for the brake lights to work.

4. Wait Five Minutes – Don’t be too quick to reinstall everything at this point. You want the ECU to be fully reset so that any systems that are affected will also be reset. Five minutes is the minimum you should wait.

5. Reinstall ECU Fuse – Carefully put the fuse that was previously removed back in place. Make sure that you put it in properly or problems could occur.

6. Reconnect the Battery – Put the cables back on the battery terminals and tighten it down again. This would also be a good time to clean the terminals and cables if they are getting corroded.

7. Idle the Vehicle – Start the vehicle and allow it to idle in place for 10 minutes. Since you reset the history of the vehicle, it needs to begin establishing the proper settings again.

8. Drive the Vehicle – Take the Honda Odyssey for a short drive. Driving it for about 10 miles will allow the vehicle to smooth things out and reestablish the settings that were wiped out.

After resetting the ECU, you may notice that your Honda Odyssey is not running as smoothly as it did before the reset. This is perfectly normal and it is to be expected.

As you continue to drive your Honda Odyssey, the ECU will be learning the proper settings for optimal performance. It won’t be long before you are back to where you were before.

Congratulations, your ECU is fully reset and your Honda Odyssey system has been reset along with it.

Using that method will allow you to reset all of the systems in your Honda Odyssey. There are times, however, when you may only want to reset a few of those systems. Here’s how to do so.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Power Door

Car door open at the beach

Do you have problems with the power doors in your Honda Odyssey? They can be reset and working again with just a few buttons.

The sliding door on a Honda Odyssey can be reset by pushing both power sliding door buttons and at the same time and holding them for 10 seconds. Doing so will reset the doors and get them working again.

Another option that may be considered is switching the main switch for the power doors to the off position and then closing the doors manually. If your Honda Odyssey doors are stuck in the open position, this is an option you may want to consider.

When you reset your Honda Odyssey doors in this way, it will reset both of them at the same time. Even if only one of the doors is causing problems, resetting both of the doors will be of benefit.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Radio

The sound system in a Honda Odyssey is one that many people enjoy. If you are having problems with the radio, how can you reset it?

To reset the radio display and erase errors in your Honda Odyssey, you need to disconnect the battery cables. Remove the negative battery cable and leave it off for up to three minutes. Doing so will reboot the system and get your radio back to factory standards.

After you reconnect the power to the battery, a message will likely come up on the radio that is asking you for a code. This is a 5 digit code associated with your radio.

The radio code will be listed in your owner’s manual. Unfortunately, you have to have the radio code in order for it to work so once you have it, make sure you write it down somewhere.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Window

Side view of drivers side car door

One of the conveniences of having a Honda Odyssey is the automatic window. A single push of the button will cause the window to go either up or down completely.

If you need to reset the window in your Honda Odyssey, start with the key in the II position. Use the switch on the affected door to move the window entirely to the down position.

After the window is fully down, continue to hold the switch down for a few seconds. Doing so will perform the reset of the window and allow the window to go up and down with a single push rather than holding the button.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Navigation/GPS

There are times when it may be necessary to reset the navigation or GPS in a Honda Odyssey. Here’s how to do it.

To reset the navigation and GPS in your Honda Odyssey, go to the settings menu in the navigation display. Scroll down until you see the option to reset factory default. Select that option and select yes. You will get a warning about deleting your information. Bypass that screen and your info will be deleted.

Deleting the GPS and navigation information is not something that happens quickly. In fact, you may find that it takes up to five minutes before the information is fully deleted and the system is restored.

Removing this information is important, especially if you are selling your Honda Odyssey or if you have rented one so that people don’t have access to your personal information.

After the GPS and navigation information is reset you will not be able to access it again.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Anti Theft/Alarm/Immobilizer

View of leather car interior and car dashboard and touchscreen

Is it necessary to reset the Honda Odyssey alarm? Here’s one option that can help.

If the alarm system is going off in your Honda Odyssey, you can disable it by holding the panic button on the key fob for a few seconds. When you hear the audible chirp, press the lock button two times and the alarm should be disabled.

Each car and year will have its own method of resetting the alarm. Sometimes, the alarm may even be having problems and in order to overcome it, you will have to remove the fuse.

There are times when a problem with the alarm in a Honda Odyssey is associated with the key fob. Try removing the battery from the key fob or checking the alternate fob to see if you have the same problem.

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How To Reset Honda Odyssey Clock

We sometimes rely on the clock in our Honda Odyssey more often than we realize. How can you reset it?

Look for the menu button on the clock and press it. Continue to hold the menu button while you turn the selector knob. You can move to the next setting by pressing the menu button again. One option to consider is going with a 24-hour clock.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Key Fob

Close up view of car key fob

We use our Honda Odyssey key fob more than any other feature on the automobile. Sometimes they need to be reset and it is not difficult to do.

To reset the Honda Odyssey key fob, turn the key to the on position without starting the vehicle and press the lock button on the fob. Return the key to the lock position. Repeat this step a total of three times and your fob should be reset.

There are many issues that can occur with the key fob, including a problem with the batteries. Even though the batteries are of high quality, they do go bad from time to time.

If you have any questions about whether your key fob is working, you can always check with the alternate fob for your vehicle.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Transmission

Do you need to reset the transmission in your Honda Odyssey? It’s possible by following the right steps.

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To reset the transmission in your Honda Odyssey start by turning the key and turning off all lights and anything else using power. Put the key in the off position and then turn it to the II position. Hold down the gas pedal for 35 seconds and then turn the key to the off position. Your transmission should be reset.

After you reset the transmission, it may take some time before the ECU fully learns how the transmission is working. As a result, it may run a little rough at first. This is to be expected.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Parking Sensor

Car minivan

Do you rely on the parking sensor in your Honda Odyssey? If it isn’t working quite as it should be, here’s how to reset it.

Reset the parking sensor in your Honda Odyssey by turning the key to the II position but not turning the engine on. Switch the ignition off and hold the parking sensor button, located near the sliding door buttons for 10 seconds. You should hear an audible beep. Turn the ignition off and ensure that the green lights are no longer flashing.

When the parking sensor is not working properly, we can’t use it in a trustworthy way to determine if we are going to run into anything. The parking sensor can really help in blind spots and if we are trying to back into a tight area.

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How To Reset Honda Odyssey Trip Odometer

The trip odometer is a very convenient feature found in most automobiles. How can you reset that odometer on your Honda Odyssey?

To reset your Honda Odyssey trip odometer, press the reset button on the controls display on the dashboard. Repeatedly press the button until you reach the screen that displays the trip odometer. Hold the button for a few seconds and the odometer will reset to zero.

When you reset your trip odometer, you are doing something permanent. You cannot go back and put any of the mileage on the odometer again.

Although you can reset the trip odometer, you will never be able to reset the main odometer. It would be illegal to reset the primary odometer in any vehicle.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Homelink

Hand adjusting controls of car touchscreen

The Homelink option offered in many Honda Odysseys is very convenient. There may be times when you want to delete and reset it, and here’s how it is done.

If you need to reset the home link in your Honda Odyssey, press and hold the two outside buttons on the Homelink panel. After holding the buttons for 10 seconds, the indicator lights will begin blinking. This is the indicator that everything has been reset.

The most common reason why you need to reset Homelink is if you have rented a Honda Odyssey. You may also need to reset it if you move to a different home or if you are selling the vehicle.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Infotainment

Is your Honda Odyssey infotainment system giving you a problem? You can reset it easily.

If you want to reset your Honda Odyssey infotainment system, press down on the power button and hold it for a few seconds. A pop-up message will then appear, asking if a system reset is desired. Select yes and it will begin the reset automatically.

The infotainment system is a great way to interact with your vehicle and enjoy your drive. When it is giving you a problem, resetting it is often the best choice to get it back to factory standards.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Backup Camera

Rear view shot of car minivan

Does the backup camera in your Honda Odyssey need reset? Here’s how to get it back to where it needs to be.

To reset the backup camera in your Honda Odyssey you will need to disconnect the battery. Remove the battery cables from the terminals and then press the brake pedal to remove any energy that is stored. After reconnecting the battery, your backup camera should be working again.

You can fully reset your Honda Odyssey system by disconnecting the fuse for the ECU. Turn off the power by removing the battery cables from the terminals and then locate the fuse in the fuse box. Wait a few minutes after removing the ECU fuse to reinstall it and reconnect power. Start the car and allow it to idle for 10 minutes.

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