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Honda CRV Won’t Start

When your Honda CRV won’t start, it can put a damper on your plans for the day. The good news is that in most instances the issue isn’t too difficult to fix and is often caused by the battery.  

A common reason for a Honda CRV not starting is a drained or faulty battery. This can occur from leaving lights on or the battery aging. Jump-starting the vehicle can help. If the problem persists, battery replacement is likely needed.

Fuel system issues can also prevent a Honda CRV from starting. It’s like trying to start a fire without fuel; no matter how much you try, it just won’t ignite. If the fuel pump is malfunctioning or the fuel filter is clogged, the engine won’t receive the necessary fuel. Replacing the fuel pump or cleaning/replacing the fuel filter can solve this issue, ensuring the engine gets its needed fuel.

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Another potential issue could be a defective starter motor. The starter motor acts as the initial spark that brings your vehicle to life. If it’s not working, the engine won’t turn over. Replacing the starter motor is the solution to this problem. This fix will ensure that your Honda CRV receives the necessary kick-start to begin its operation, much like a sprinter off the starting blocks.

If you’re not sure whether or not the issue is with the battery, consider taking the Honda CRV battery to your local auto parts store. Many of these stores offer free battery testing, which will determine if the battery is truly the cause of a Honda CRV that won’t start. 

Honda CRV Won’t Start But Lights Come On

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When the Honda CRV won’t start but its lights come on, that typically means the issue isn’t with the battery. If the battery was the problem, then the lights on the vehicle wouldn’t come on. 

A Honda CRV that won’t start but the lights come on is caused by either the ignition or starter. In both of these instances, the ignition or the starter will need to be replaced to fix the problem. 

You can typically tell the difference between a failing ignition switch and a starter problem. A bad ignition switch would also cause the vehicle to stall while you are driving. If your vehicle had experienced this issue beforehand, then the most likely cause of it not starting is the ignition. 

Honda CRV Won’t Start Clicking Noise

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A clicking noise coming from the Honda CRV can be more than a little alarming. Especially when you pair it with a vehicle that just won’t start. This clicking noise, however, can actually help diagnose the problem causing the Honda CRV to not start. 

When the Honda CRV won’t start but you hear a clicking noise, that is a tell-tale sign that the starter is either going bad or has completely failed. If you have previously had issues starting the vehicle, and it would take several tries before the Honda CRV would turn over, that is one of the first sign of a bad starter Unfortunately, there is no work around for this issue, and the starter will need to be replaced by either you or a mechanic. 

Honda CRV Won’t Start But Battery Is Good

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The battery is the first thing to check when your Honda CRV won’t start. Even if you recently replaced the battery, it is possible that the battery itself is bad. You can check this issue by simply taking the battery to an auto parts store and asking them to check it for you. But what if you already know the battery is good yet the car still won’t start?

There could be several issues that could cause a Honda CRV not to start even though the battery is good. The first thing to check is to try jumping the vehicle. If the Honda starts with a jump from another vehicle, then the issue is most likely caused by the starter or alternator. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a bad starter or alternator is to replace the comprised part.

If you can get the vehicle started with a jumpstart, you may be tempted to continue driving the vehicle. While it is true that you can sometimes bypass a bad starter or alternator with a jump start, it is not recommended to continue driving the Honda CRV. You don’t know when the bad part will fail completely, and could be left stranded on the side of the road. 

Honda CRV Won’t Start All Lights Flashing

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A Honda CRV that won’t start is distressing. But when all the lights on the dash also start flashing, that can leave you scratching your head trying to determine what could be wrong.

If the Honda CRV won’t start but all the lights are flashing, the issue could be caused by bad connections. Loose or corroded connections will cause the vehicle to go haywire, preventing it from starting, and causing all the lights to flash. Check both ends of the ground cables to ensure they are not loose or corroded. Tighten any loose ground cables that you find, and clean any corrosion on the wires that you come across. 

Corroded ground cables can be cleaned by first disconnecting the battery’s negative connection and moving it to a position where it won’t touch either the positive or negative terminals. Sprinkle baking soda over the grounding point and then moisten with water. Use a brush with stiff bristles to scrub the ground point for several seconds to remove the corrosion. Rinse the baking soda off with water and dry with a towel. Make sure that the cable is completely dry before reattching the connections.

Honda CRV Won’t Start After Battery Change/New Battery

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A dead or bad battery is the most common cause of a Honda CRV not starting. If you have changed the battery for a new one and it still doesn’t start, then you will need to dig deeper to find out what is causing the issue. 

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A blown fuse could result in the Honda CRV not starting even after replacing the battery. Check the fuse in the starter circuit to ensure it isn’t blown. If so, replace the fuse and then try starting the vehicle. Another potential cause could be broken, damaged, or dirty wires to the starter solenoid or the battery. Both of which can prevent power from reaching the starter.

Honda CRV Won’t Start No Clicking Noise

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Whether or not you hear a clicking noise when trying to start the Honda CRV can help quickly diagnose the problem with the vehicle. No clicking noise is a common sign when dealing with a dead battery.

A Honda CRV that won’t start and doesn’t have a clicking noise is typically caused by a weak or dead battery. If you have a battery charger handy, hook the Honda CRV up to the charger and let the battery charge for several hours. If the vehicle still won’t start, try to jump the Honda with another vehicle that has a strong battery. If it still doesn’t work, remove the battery and take it to an auto parts store so they can check whether or not the battery is good. 

If the battery is just weak, you may still be able to drive around for several days after receiving a jump. Keep in mind, however, that a weak battery will only continue to get weaker and will need to be replaced at some point. 

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