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Honda CRV USB Not Working

I still remember the frustration of plugging my phone into my Honda CRV, expecting it to charge or play music, only to be met with silence and a battery that continued to drain. It was as if my car had suddenly decided it no longer recognized my phone. Have you ever been ready for a drive, armed with a playlist to boost your mood, only to find your USB port non-responsive?

If your Honda CRV USB is not working, it could be due to a software glitch within the infotainment system. A simple reset can often resolve this issue. Turn off your vehicle, wait a minute, and then restart the engine. This process can reboot the system and restore USB functionality.

White cable plugged in car USB port

Another reason might be an overloaded USB port. Think of it as trying to pour too much water into a funnel all at once; eventually, it’s going to overflow or, in this case, shut down. If you’re using a USB hub or have multiple devices connected, the port might not supply enough power or data bandwidth for all devices. Simplify by connecting only one device directly to the USB port to see if this resolves the issue. This approach ensures the port isn’t overtaxed and can function correctly.

Lastly, the problem could stem from using an incompatible or damaged USB cable. Not all cables are created equal, and some are designed solely for charging, lacking the data wires necessary for connectivity features like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Try using a different cable, preferably one that’s certified for data transfer and charging. This can often be the simplest fix, ensuring your device not only charges but also connects seamlessly for all your in-car entertainment and navigation needs.

You may also need to reset your Honda’s infotainment system and stereo software. Access the vehicle’s audio settings using the infotainment screen. On the screen, choose “Home,” then “Settings,” then  “System,” and “Factory Data Reset.” Turn off the CRV. Wait one minute. Turn the vehicle on again.

Check the Audio Settings for a “firmware update” notice. Update the firmware if needed.

Most of the reasons your CRV’s USB doesn’t work come down to simple fixes that only require the pushing of a few buttons or restarting the car. You do need to read the owner’s manual before trying to connect devices or replacing parts of the system.

Honda CRV USB Port Unsupported

Car touchscreen center

You plug in your flash drive or portable hard drive with all your favorite music to listen to while you drive, and nothing happens, or the Honda CRV displays an error message reading “Unsupported.”

Switch your audio files to a device that uses FAT32 MBR partitioning. If that doesn’t work, try the other options below.

Honda vehicles have trouble reading FAT32 devices that use GPT partitioning instead of the traditional MBR method, so switching your audio files to a different device can get your music playing. Other solutions include resetting the audio setup, restarting the phone, especially if it’s an iPhone, and pairing through Bluetooth instead.

Older drives tend to work better with Honda audio because they use FAT32 MBR formatting.

Reset your audio settings by accessing the vehicle’s audio settings using the infotainment screen. On the screen, choose “Home,” then “Settings,” then  “System,” and “Factory Data Reset.” Turn off the CRV. Wait one minute. Turn the vehicle on again.

Restart your smartphone or other connected devices. This can fix the problem quickly with iPhones, especially.

Honda CRV Not Detecting USB

White cable plugged into car USB port

Sometimes, you slip the flash drive into the USB port or plug your hard drive in via a USB cord and nothing happens. The system doesn’t even recognize that you plugged anything in!

Some USB cords do not work in the Honda CRV. You’ll need to replace the cord. Check your car owner’s manual to determine the type of USB cord your vehicle uses and purchase a new one.

Automakers do not manufacture USB cords specifically for their vehicles. They purchase the same cords that you can in the store. The automaker just buys them in bulk. Your vehicle may have come with the one bad one in the bunch. Replacing the cable can fix this problem instantly.

Honda CRV USB Not Charging

Charging phone in car using USB cable

You’ve been driving for hours when your phone dies. You had it plugged into the USB port to charge as your drive, but your battery has zero charge.

Check your vehicle owner’s manual to ensure that your USB port can charge your devices. Some ports aren’t designed for this.

The cable, the port, or the phone could cause the problem. Your Honda’s USB port might not support phone charging either.

Check the cable for frays, tears, and wear. Try a different USB cable.

If that doesn’t work, check that your phone or other device is intended to charge on the type of USB in your vehicle. USB port types vary and USB A, B, and C all work differently.

Honda CRV USB Not Recognizing iPhone USB

Charging phone in car using USB cable

After months or years of plugging your iPhone into the USB port of your Honda CRV it just stops working. Or you purchase a new Honda CRV and plug in your iPhone only to find that the CRV’s USB port ignores it.

You may need a different USB cord, to use a Bluetooth connection instead, or to reset the car’s audio system.

Try a new USB cord first, then attempt the connection using Bluetooth. If neither of those options work, then delete the audio system’s user data, then reset the system.

The Apple CarPlay system only works as a display and controller for iOS devices beginning with iPhone 5 running the operating system iOS7.1 or later. If your device is older than this it will not work with the Apple audio program.

Honda CRV USB No Song/Music Not Working

Charging phone in car using USB cable

 You plug in your brand new, massive flash drive to your USB port after having transferred every song you own onto it. Nothing happens. The Honda CRV refuses to even recognize that you plugged it in.

Your drive or the formatting of the drive could cause a problem with this, so changing either option can help. The Honda system can only handle certain sizes of flash drives, so try putting your music on a smaller flash drive.

A 2 GB drive typically works like a charm, while some individuals have experienced problems using 32GB drives or larger.

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Another option, reformatting your hard drive might not seem like a favored solution, but if you can reformat it on an older computer that runs Windows 7, this can help. That age of the operating system only used FAT32 MBR, so the drive turns out the correct format.

Honda CRV USB No Data

White USB cable plugged in car port

Plugging in your flash drive or phone to your CRV’s USB, gets you an error message that reads “no data.” You know that you have data on it since you can unplug your phone and access your files.

Your Honda’s USB can’t read the data on your device when you receive this message. You can typically fix the problem with two system resets. Resetting the audio system and your iPhone can solve this seemingly complex issue.

You’ll get this error code when you detach your iPhone without first disconnecting the USB. Reset the audio system. Reboot your iPhone. Clear the cache of the Honda app on your smartphone. Reconnect the phone to the audio. Always disconnect the USB first.

Adding equipment to the car’s audio system can also cause this problem. You’ll need to take it to a mechanic if you added a subwoofer or other device not native to the audio system.

Honda CRV USB No Device Connected Error

Car USB port

The CRV’s display reads “no device connected” although you’ve plugged your storage device into the USB port.

Perhaps the easiest to fix problem, just switching to another display for a few minutes can rectify the issue. Change the display to another setting or option for at least 15 seconds. Try a 30-second switch if that doesn’t work when the display reads No Device Connected.

Turn off the ignition but leave the radio on with the doors closed and locked. Wait at least 15 seconds, but up to 90 seconds, then turn off the radio.

Honda made the message “No Device Connected” the default one that the audio system uses. To get rid of it, turn on accessory mode. You may need to double tap to do this.

If you do need mechanical work to fix the USB recognition problem, contact the dealership to find out which mechanics qualify as Honda factory certified. Having someone else do the work could void your vehicle’s warranty. Some items, the warranty covers, so going through the dealership would cost less or be free while under warranty.

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