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Honda CRV Hood Not Working

A Honda CRV hood that doesn’t want to work can be a frustrating experience that leaves you wanting to pull your hair out. While the issue is an annoying one, there are a few fairly easy fixes you can do to correct the problem. 

If a Honda CRV’s hood is not opening, it may be due to a broken or stuck hood latch. This can be caused by rust, dirt, or mechanical failure. Lubricating the latch with penetrating oil can help free it, but if the latch is broken, it will need to be replaced.

Another reason could be a malfunctioning hood release cable. Over time, the cable can stretch or break, making it difficult to open the hood. Replacing the hood release cable is usually necessary to resolve this issue.

Car hood latch bonnet

While a Honda CRV is a trustworthy vehicle, there may come a time when certain aspects of the Honda won’t work as it was designed too. Its hood, for example, can become stuck due to latch corrosion or simply won’t open because of a damaged hood release cable. The good news, however, is that these issues with the Honda CRV hood not working are usually easy fixes that won’t take much time or money to fix. 

Honda CRV Hood Latch Won’t Close

Car mechanic looking under car hood

A Honda CRV hood latch that won’t close can be a dangerous situation. If not properly closed, the hood could pop up at anytime while driving and interfere with your ability to see the road. Thankfully, there is a relatively easy fix for this problem.

A Honda CRV hood latch that won’t close is usually caused by corrosion on the hood latch mechanism, which causes the latch to stick in the open position. Spraying the latch liberally with WD40 while working it open and close will loosen the corrosion and allow you to securely close the hood. 

Debris inside the hood latch can also prevent the Honda CRV hood from closing. With the hood up, inspect the latch to see if there is any debris inside or on the latch, and then remove any debris you find. A small wire brush will not only remove debris on the hood latch, but also scrub away corrosion. To begin, spray the latch liberally with WD40 and then carefully scrub with the wire brush. Wipe any excess liquid, as well as dirt and debris off the latch with a paper towel.

Honda CRV Hood Latch Stuck

Car hood bonnet latch

A Honda CRV with a stuck hood latch is not something to overlook. This is especially true if the hood is stuck in the open position, and won’t close and lock properly. It poses a safety hazard to you as well as others on the road, since the hood could potentially fly up at anytime, causing a wreck. 

If your Honda CRV hood latch is stuck, spray the latch generously with penetrating lubricant, such as WD40, while manual working the latch. This helps the corrosion to loosen its grip on the latch. It may take several shots of WD40 and a few minutes of manually moving the latch to finally get it to unstick. 

When your hood latch is having issues, corrosion is typically to blame. Corrosion can freeze the latch in either an open or closed position. While it is difficult to prevent corrosion, since vehicles are out and about in all types of weather, you can regularly lubricate the latch with WD40 to help keep it functioning properly. You can also replace the rusted latch with a new one. When replacing an old hood latch, it is ideal to replace the entire latch assembly. 

Another cause of a stuck hood latch is accidental damage. The hood latch is located at the front of the vehicle, and even minor bumps to the front of your car could result in a latch alignment issue. You can correct this issue by adding grease to the striker plate to determine where it is hitting on the latch. Readjust the latch if needed. 

Honda CRV Hood Won’t Open

Car mechanic holding a wrench

When the Honda CRV hood won’t open, the issue is usually caused by the cable release. The cable release runs from the hood release lever inside the vehicle to the hood latch assembly located at the front of the hood. The cable may be completely broken or merely moved out of the release mechanism. Both issues will prevent the hood from opening.

If the Honda CRV hood won’t open due to a broken release cable, the entire cable will need to be replaced. If, however, the cable is simply out of alignment, you will only need to snap the cable back into the release mechanism. 

No matter what is causing the issue, you won’t be able to fix the matter if you can’t get the hood to open. If you have tried pressing and holding down on the hood while someone else pulls the hood release lever, and the hood still won’t open, your next step is to remove the whole hood latch. This can be done by removing the bolts holding the latch in place. You will need a 10mm socket and a 3/8-inch extension. There will be three to four bolts you must remove, and you can access them through the grill on the front of the vehicle. After you have removed the bolts, you will be able to lift the hood about 12 inches and manually release the latch.

Honda CRV Hood Release Broken

Car hood latch release

When the Honda CRV hood release is broken, it will prevent you from opening the hood. While there is no way to repair a broken release cable, they can be replaced. Replacement cables are not too expensive and are available at most auto part stores. 

To replace a broken Honda CRV hood release cable, you will need to remove and replace the broken cable, which runs along the front of the hood and along the inner fender well, going through the firewall.

Getting the old cable out and the new one in will require removing the grill on the front of the vehicle, and then removing the hood latch mechanism. Then turn the latch around to access the inside and release the spring tension. This will let you remove the end of the cable.

Before starting to pull the old cable out, go to the hood release lever located near the bottom left of the interior driver side and loosen the lever. Then gently pull and work the old cable out of the vehicle. Once the old cable is out, install the new cable by feeding it through the interior drive side and into the hood. Secure the cable to the hood release lever, and then position the other end of the cable back into the hood latch in the reverse order of how you disconnected the old cable.

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