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Honda CRV Heater Not Working

When your Honda CRV heater is facing issues, it can lead to an uncomfortably cold car trip and is frustrating. When your heater is not working, it can exhibit itself in several different ways. You may notice that the air is not getting warm enough, it may not be circulating correctly, or you may even hear noises when you turn on your heater.

A frequent cause for a Honda CR-V’s heater not working is a malfunctioning thermostat. When the thermostat fails, it can’t regulate coolant flow properly, preventing the engine from reaching the right temperature to heat the cabin. Replacing the faulty thermostat typically resolves this issue, restoring the heater’s functionality.

Another possible reason for heater failure in a Honda CR-V is a problem with the blower motor resistor. This component controls the speed of the fan in the heating system. If it malfunctions, the fan may not operate correctly, leading to inadequate heating.

Replacing the blower motor resistor is usually the solution, which will allow the fan to operate at all speeds and improve the heater’s effectiveness.

Adjusting car heater control knob

Lastly, a clogged heater core can also cause heating issues in a Honda CR-V. The heater core can become blocked with debris or sediment, preventing hot coolant from circulating through it and thus failing to heat the air. Flushing the heater core to remove the blockage often fixes the problem, allowing the hot coolant to flow through and heat the cabin effectively. Regular maintenance, including coolant system flushes, can prevent this issue from arising.

Honda CRV Heater Fan/Blower Not Working

Pushing car heater button on

Honda CRV Heater Core Rattle

Center of car heater vents

Cars make noises. That’s no secret, but when should you be concerned? If your Honda CRV rattles when you have your heater running and the noise is coming from the driver’s side of your dashboard, there are a few things you should check.

If your Honda CRV core rattles, check your heater motor. You can locate the heater motor under the driver’s side of your dashboard. It will be to the right of the pedals. Check to make sure that all the connections are properly attached. Also, look to see that the white plastic piece on the heater motor is working properly.

This part is responsible for turning your heater on. If it is stuck or damaged it can lead to a rattling noise. Next, you should check the connectors to your heater core itself. If there is something that is loose in there, you will hear a rattling noise. 

Honda CRV Heater Fan Noise

Car center vents

Another common sound that you may hear from your Honda CRV is when you turn on your heater. Some people report it sounding almost like your Honda heater fan is struggling.

If your Honda CRV heater fan makes a noise when you turn it on, first check the fan belt. If the belt is loose, damaged, or dirty, it can make noises while running. If it is loose or dirty, clean it and reattach it. If the fan belt is damaged you will need to replace it. 

The issue could also be related to your air filters. If there is any debris trapped inside, then when your fan is on it can make a noise or sound more labored than usual because it is attempting to blow through the debris. 

Honda CRV Heater Not Very Hot

Hand feeling air blowing out of car vents

Your Honda CRV heater may turn on, but you might come across an issue where even when you attempt to increase the heat, there is little to no change. Due to the fact that you are getting some heat, there is more than likely not an issue with your motor switching from cool to hot air. 

If your Honda CRV heater is not very hot, the first place that you should check is under the hood. You should look for any signs of fluid or water leaks. If there are either, you will need to replace those hoses. You should also check your fluid levels if you do not notice any leaks. 

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Another problem that could be causing your air to not be at the desired temperature could be due to your air filters being dirty. If you haven’t replaced them and they are dirty, this can lead to your heat not being able to properly circulate throughout your Honda CRV.

Honda CRV Heater Blowing Cold Air 

Cold air blowing out of car vents

If you go to turn on your heater and instead of cold air coming out, you should check your motor. Underneath your Honda CRV driver’s side dashboard, beneath the steering wheel to the right side of the pedals, you can locate the motor that controls the heat and air. You will see a green connector and a wire. Beyond that, there is a white plastic piece. That is your A/C Heater Blend Door Actuator. When this piece on the motor is up, then your heat is engaged. When it is down, that is when your Honda CRV is running on air conditioning. 

If your Honda CRV is blowing cold air first, turn the car on, turn your heat on, and go down and, using a screwdriver or another flat object, push that white plastic piece into an upright position. You should notice that the air switches from blowing cold air to blowing out hot air. 

If, when you turn off your car, the plastic pieces return to the down position, that is a sign that you need to replace your AC motor itself. You can also check to see if that plastic fan piece is stuck. Using a screwdriver or another flat object, carefully insert it underneath the bottom of the plastic. Slowly move it upwards and start your car. The piece should begin to move as you change from cool to heat.

Honda CRV Heater Not Working

If your Honda CRV heater is not working, more often than not it is a simple issue to fix. You should always check fuses first, as fuses can easily burn out or become disconnected. If the fuses aren’t the problem, then you can look at the heating motor, heating core, and look for any leaks. 

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