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Honda CRV GPS Problems (How To Fix)

A troublesome issue for most Honda CRV drivers is sudden problems with the GPS inside their vehicle. Often, the solution seems like it is a million miles away. Thankfully, the Honda CRV has a navigational system that comes with checks and balances which alert the driver of technical errors found within the system. 

All Honda automobiles have GPS installed on the vehicle’s dashboard. The navigational screen can display all technical errors that are occurring. The solution could be as simple as resetting the system.

Driver inputting GPS location in touchscreen

Problems with the Honda CRV GPS can be a headache, especially if you’re having trouble navigating new terrain. No fear, the car manufacturers have developed several ways to fix and update the GPS in your Honda CRV. Vehicle owners can try various tips and suggestions to repair their Honda CRV navigation system. 

Below are several common problems associated with the Honda CRV GPS. The answers provided should help to keep the navigational system in good working condition.

Honda CRV GPS Not Working

Hand finding GPS location on car touchscreen

The Honda CRV comes with several different spectacular features. The manufacturers have not disappointed their consumer base, especially in the area of developing a user-friendly GPS device. However, the system’s design will fail to work on some rare occasions. 

If the Honda CRV GPS is not working correctly, try rebooting the system immediately. To begin the process, press and hold the audio system power button for approximately three seconds. A menu should open and ask if you want to restart the GPS.

The reboot of the navigational system should have the GPS working smoothly without any delay or causing other technical problems. In those rare cases, you will need to schedule an appointment for an expert to inspect your GPS at your local Honda dealership.

If the system is still having trouble working correctly, it may need a complete reload of the GPS software, which is also available at most Honda dealerships. Sometimes, electrical gremlins need professional troubleshooting to locate and correct the problem. Also, never miss a scheduled GPS update as this will guarantee the navigational system runs smoothly without any unforeseen problems. 

Honda CRV GPS Clock Not Working

Finger touching display in car control dashboard

The most common technical error in Honda CRVs is the GPS clock not working without any cause. New owners feel they may have turned off the clock after adjusting the time. Keep in mind that the Honda CRV GPS clock does not receive periodical updates like other components of the navigational system.

Usually, when a Honda CRV GPS clock is not working, an error message will appear on the screen. In most cases, it is a simple fix as the source of the problem could be replacing components on the motherboard or resoldering cracked connections.

It is wise to schedule a professional auto technician to inspect the clock’s motherboard. During their inspection, a technician could identify microscopic cracks on the motherboard. Most times, they cannot be seen by the human eye. Identifying those small cracks will help to restore the clock’s connectivity with the motherboard. Also, reassembling the clock housing after pulling it out of the dashboard could be a problem. The area of concern is lining up the buttons correctly. If they fail to stay in position, you’re asking for more electrical issues.

Honda CRV Navigational Screen Not Working

Car touchscreen display

Another frustrating problem with Honda CRVs is the navigational screen failing to work from time to time. To maintain road safety and accuracy in finding street locations, you will need your navigational screen in proper working order.

In high-temperature cities, the Honda CRV navigational screen will unexpectedly stop working. It is wise to disconnect the system for a short time. After reconnection has taken place, the navigational screen should return to its original settings.

There is no more frustrating feeling than realizing your Honda CRV GPS navigational screen has no signal. Before making a trip to the dealership, you can troubleshoot some options and try to solve the problem yourself. First, check the dashboard for dirt buildup underneath the GPS navigational screen. The particles will block the effectiveness of the GPS antenna. After cleaning the area, you may have to initiate a manual resetting of the entire navigational system. The online mapping guide should return to assist drivers with arriving at their desired destination on time. 

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Honda CRV Map Update Instructions

Car GPS display

Each year, Honda CRV owners will receive a message to update the vehicle’s map system from the manufacturer. And on some occasions, the link to update the map will fail to complete the process. 

The Honda CRV map update is a fairly simple process to add new information to the system. Vehicle owners can follow the screen instructions by tapping the Navigation icon, then selecting Settings to begin the map update process. 

You should receive a message on the Honda CRV navigational screen stating the map update is completed. This message confirms that your Honda CRV GPS has the most updated version of maps available to vehicle owners. 

Keep in mind that the Honda CRV map updates will occur only once per calendar year. But throughout the year, the vehicle owner will have to download new digital maps off their smartphone. The reason being is these map updates offer unknown, popular locations in your local community. These sites have become “hot spot” destinations in a short time.

Afterward, you will need to turn off your Honda CRV. It will help return all of the system’s functions to their original settings. And remember, all of the required map updates are based on the year of your Honda CRV.

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How Do I Increase The Volume on My Honda CRV Navigation?

Inputting GPS in car touchscreen

Adjusting the volume on your Honda CRV navigational system is considered a simple process. There is no need for the Honda dealership service support staff to assist in completing this task. The instructions are simple to follow as no assistance is required.

A Honda CRV owner can adjust the volume on the navigation system by themselves. You go to the Settings heading and scroll down to the Navigation icon. Tap on the Sound & Voice option, then adjust the volume level to your preference. 

The GPS diagnostic mode will help to provide easy instructions on resetting the device’s volume level. However, if a technical error occurs during the process, the GPS may need to be rebooted before completing the task. Afterward, go back into the Settings heading, then scroll down to the Navigation icon before tapping onto the Sound & Voice option to adjust the volume level once again. The changes to the volume level will take effect the next time you drive your Honda CRV.

The technology offered inside the Honda CRV GPS does help a driver navigate the road better. It is a helpful tool, but certain GPS technological problems could handicap an extended road trip if the device is not working correctly. Hopefully, the above suggestions can help solve several major Honda CRV GPS mechanical issues. The goal is to eliminate those problems without them re-occurring again.

Also, we hope you discover other GPS features that are accessible on the navigational dashboard. All are available a touch away from the steering wheel. It is wise to learn all of the functions offered by the Honda CRV navigational system. The tips offered should provide a better understanding of each component’s role in mapping out a trip away from home.

Our goal is to make your driving experience a much smoother adventure. Do not forget to look for periodical updates from Honda. They should clear out all technical issues with your vehicle. All in part of being a Honda CRV owner.                                                                                                                                         

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