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Honda CRV Clock Not Working

A common failing in older Honda CRVs is that the clock stops working. This can be due to cracked solder joints on the motherboard or worn components that need replacement.

The clock in a Honda CRV may not be working due to a reset or glitch in the vehicle’s electrical system. This can happen after the battery has been disconnected or drained. To fix this, first try resetting the clock manually using the controls on the dashboard or infotainment system. Refer to the vehicle’s manual for specific instructions on how to set the clock. If the clock doesn’t respond to manual adjustments, a hard reset of the infotainment system might be necessary.

Another potential cause for a non-functioning clock could be a blown fuse. The clock is part of the vehicle’s electrical system and relies on a fuse to function. Locate the fuse box in your Honda CRV and identify the fuse responsible for the clock or the infotainment system. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one of the same rating.

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In some instances, the issue might be with the clock itself or the infotainment system. If the clock display is blank or the infotainment system is not working correctly, it could be a sign of a deeper electrical problem. In this case, diagnosing the problem may require professional attention. Issues like these could involve complex electrical systems or software that might need specialized tools and knowledge to fix.

Honda CRV Clock Adjustment/Setting Not Working 

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A more common problem occurs with later model CRV’s where you cannot set or adjust your clock.

The Honda CRV clock setting is on the steering wheel and in the multi-function display. Put the ignition key in position 1, wait for the multi-function display to become live, and press the menu button. Press source and select the up, down, left, or right keys to adjust the time and display.

When pressing the menu button on the steering wheel, it should highlight the “adjust clock” menu item. If not, then use the up and down buttons (+ and -) to move to your selection.

You have the option to select the 24-hour clock or the AM/PM option. The right button moves the selection across to the hours and minutes.

To exit the menu, select the “back” menu option, then press the source button. Finally, pressing the menu button will take you back to the trip display and the adjusted time should display in the format you selected.

If the buttons do not work on your steering wheel, then the connectors may need fixing or the buttons may have worn out.

Honda CRV Clock Blinking/Flashing 

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Having your clock blinking and flashing while driving is an annoying problem. It requires urgent attention.

To fix a Honda CRV clock blinking or flashing, reset your display. Select “Settings” from your menu and then “System”. Scroll down the “All” menu to “factory data reset”. Reset the system and see if it has fixed the problem. If not, then you may have loose wiring or a damaged circuit board.

Most of the time, the flashing or flickering will stop once the system resets.

However, if the problem persists, you may have to investigate further. The problem may be a loose wire, connector, or damaged circuit board component.

Honda CRV Clock Keeps Changing/Resetting

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Another common but intermittent problem with Honda CRVs occurs when the clock keeps changing the time or resetting itself.

To fix a Honda CRV clock that changes or resets, remove any dirt in the ignition key slot. Blow air into the slot to dislodge any debris. Then spray some acetone on the ignition key and insert it into the ignition. Turn it a few times and push it in and out to dislodge any remaining debris.

The culprit is usually the switch inside the key slot that allows power to flow to the multi-function display unit.

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If the switch is dirty, it may not operate correctly, thus sending an intermittent current to the display unit.

It is for this reason that this problem appears when switching the car on or off. The ignition switch causes the problem as the key moves in and out of the ignition.

An alternative solution is to check whether the dome light is working. If it is not, then check the fuse.

A blown fuse can affect the operation of the display. Replacing it can possibly save you wasting time and money trying to get the problem fixed at the dealership.

Honda CRV Clock Not Keeping Time 

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While not a safety issue, it can be most annoying when your clock does not keep very accurate time.

A Honda CRV clock not keeping time is most likely due to a faulty battery. Generation 4 and prior vehicles should have a battery load test done to check the state of charge. Generation 5 vehicles get their time signals from the GPS, so you should check the aerial wiring and signal strength.

It is common for the problem to occur when switching your car on, only to see that the time is no longer correct.

You should also check your system settings to make sure that the car is set up for the time zone you are in as that can affect the time displayed.

Honda CRV Clock Not Updating 

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There is a problem that recently surfaced in January 2022. Honda vehicles suffered from a software issue that affects the system’s ability to maintain the correct time and date.

If your Honda CRV clock is not updating, then you may be the victim of a bug that has affected vehicles manufactured between 2004 and 2012. Sat-Nav usually updates the time accurately. But there is currently an issue that started on 1 January 2022 that resets the time and date, back to 2002.

Despite Honda being aware of the problem, they do not as yet have a solution. The company responded to complaints by assuring customers that their technical department is working on a solution.

Honda CRV Clock Resets Every Time Start Car 

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Many vehicle owners experience problems with their clocks resetting every time they switch the vehicle on.

If your Honda CRV clock resets when you start the car, then the problem is most likely your battery. This is common in generation 4 and earlier models. If the battery cannot supply sufficient power to the clock, it will lose time or reset, as there is no internal battery to maintain the memory.

To narrow down the problem, test the battery under load. Checking the voltage while running the air-conditioner and switching the headlights on can reveal a failed battery.

The battery voltage, with the engine running, should lie between 13.7 and 14.7V. While you should see a reading of 12.6 volts when the engine is off.

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