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Honda CRV Apple CarPlay Not Working (Troubleshooting)

There are a wide array of issues that can cause the Apple CarPlay to just simply not work in your Honda CVR. The most common issues, however, are due to connectivity, damaged cables, inadequate audio system in the car, or software and power management problems. No matter what the issue, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try to correct the problem.

A common issue with Honda CRV Apple CarPlay not working is due to outdated software. The infotainment system may need a firmware update to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning with Apple CarPlay. This can typically be resolved by downloading the latest software update from Honda’s website onto a USB drive and installing it in the vehicle.

One possible reason for Apple CarPlay issues in a Honda CRV could be a faulty USB cable. If the cable is damaged or not MFi-certified (Made for iPhone), it might not establish a stable connection. Replacing the old cable with a new, high-quality MFi-certified USB cable can often resolve this issue, ensuring a reliable connection between your phone and the vehicle’s system.

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Another factor that could affect Apple CarPlay functioning in a Honda CRV is incorrect settings. Sometimes, the settings on the infotainment system or the iPhone might be configured improperly, hindering the connection. Ensuring that Apple CarPlay is enabled in the vehicle’s settings and that Siri is activated on the iPhone can often fix this issue. Additionally, checking the phone’s restrictions to make sure CarPlay is not blocked can also be crucial in resolving the problem.

Honda CRV Apple CarPlay Not Connecting

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Connectivity is one of the most common issues that plague Honda CRVs when they are trying to connect to Apple CarPlay. While this is an annoying problem, it is usually one of the easier ones to solve, and requires performing a simple reboot. 

When your Honda CRV Apple CarPlay isn’t connecting, disconnect your device from the vehicle and turn off the Bluetooth. Reboot the date center by pressing and holding the radio on/off button for 10 seconds. Confirm you want to reboot the system by selecting Yes on the screen.

Once the system has been rebooted, connect your Apple device to your Honda CRV. If you are still having issues with the Apple CarPlay not connecting, try connecting the vehicle to another Apple device or try connecting the Apple device to another vehicle. This will tell you whether the issue is with the Apple device or the Honda vehicle. 

If the issue is with the Apple device, reach out to Apple customer support for further assistance. If the issue is with the Honda CRV, try restarting the vehicle’s infotainment system by selecting the factory reset option in the system settings.

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Honda CRV Apple CarPlay Frozen/Crashing

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When the Apple CarPlay freezes or crashes, it will stop you from enjoying your road trip playlist or the latest episode of your favorite podcast. Factory resetting the infotainment  system on your Honda CRV can help correct the problem.  

To fix a Honda CRV Apple CarPlay that is freezing or crashing, reset the infotainment system by selecting the system menu on your infotainment console. When in the setting menu, select System > Factory Reset > Yes. Continue selecting Yes through the menu to confirm the reset.

Once the system has been resetted, but before you try connecting to your Apple device, restart your Apple device. Once it has been restarted, connect the Apple device back to the Honda CRV CarPlay. Furthermore, make sure that the Apple CarPlay app on your device is updated and that you have the most recent iOS update on your phone. Using an out-of-date iOS or app can cause the CarPlay to freeze or crash when trying to use it in your Honda CRV. 

Honda CRV Apple CarPlay Disconnecting Randomly

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Randomly disconnecting is, unfortunately, not an uncommon problem facing Honda CRV drivers who also try to use Apple CarPlay. In most cases, the issue is with the lightning cable that connects the Apple device to your Honda CRV.

When the Honda CRV Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting randomly, it could be a sign that the lighting cable is malfunctioning, damaged, or frayed. Replace the cable with a new one and try connecting the device once again.

If you are still having issues even after changing the cable, try restarting the Honda CRV system or disconnect and reconnect the Apple device to the vehicle. Once reconnected, the CarPlay should work as intended. 

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How To Use Honda CRV CarPlay

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Honda CRV CarPlay gives you the ability to connect your Apple device to your car. This allows the user to listen to music, podcasts, and potentially even take phone calls all from your Honda CRV audio system. 

To use Honda CRV CarPlay, you will need to connect your device to the vehicle. Start by turning your Honda on and setting it to Park. Open your Honda infotainment settings on your console and select Apple CarPlay. Make sure that you have turned Siri on in your Apple device.

Plug your Apple device into the Honda via the USB cable. Apple CarPlay will automatically launch on your Honda’s screen. If yours does not, however, you can select the Apple CarPlay icon to manually bring it up. Once it is running, simply follow the prompts on your Apple device screen. Once the Apple CarPlay has been installed, you will be able to use a wide array of apps from the comfort of your vehicle. This includes voice commands to control these iPhone apps.

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How To Update Honda CRV CarPlay Firmware

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Firmware is an important part of today’s technology, and your Honda CRV CarPlay is no exception. When a firmware is out of date, it can cause a slew of problems that affect the CarPlay’s ability to function properly. 

To update your Honda CRV CarPlay firmware, click on the Home screen located on the display audio screen. Select System Updates > Via Wireless. After a few moments, the download will be completed and you can select “Install Now.”

The install progress bar will display how far in the process the install is. The screen will show “Installation Now Complete” when it has finished.

 In most cases, you won’t need to update the CarPlay firmware, but you may need to update the OTA (Over the Air Update), depending on the model of your vehicle. This is Honda’s cellular unit that is embedded into the vehicle.

If you want to update the apps in the Honda app center, you navigate to the My Apps screen and look for the Update screen. This will show you a list of all the apps that have an update. To download all the updates, press the Update All button or you can update on a select few apps by clicking on the Update button located next to the specific app.

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Another thing to consider is whether or not you have the most up-to-date iOS installed on your Apple device. Older iOS are one of the many culprits that can lead to problems with the Honda CRV and Apple CarPlay. 

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How To Reset Honda CRV CarPlay

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Resetting the Apple CarPlay in your Honda CRV can help correct a wide array of problems, such as random glitches and connection problems. What’s even better is that resetting the CarPlay is a relatively simple process that only takes a few moments. 

To reset a Honda CRV CarPlay, open the setting menu from your Honda’s entertainment screen. In the menu, click on System, followed by Factory Reset. Confirm the reset by selecting Yes. This will start the reset process, which may take a few moments.

Once the system has been reset, start the reconnecting process with your Apple device. This will require connecting your device to the Honda via a USB cord. Go through the connection steps as you normally would to start using the Honda CRV CarPlay.

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