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Honda CRV ABS Problems (How to Fix/Reset)

The Honda CR-V is a popular crossover SUV known for its high-reliability index—a solid 4.5 out of 5. The car, manufactured by a Japanese company, has several security features, such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The system helps you make an emergency stop more efficiently. Besides, the ABS makes it possible for you to steer the wheel simultaneously, meaning you can avoid a possibly horrible accident.

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In most cases, Honda CRV ABS problems arise when the sensor wiring has issues. It could result in intermittent or no continuity at all. Your Honda CRV has an ABS control module that notifies you when your ABS has a problem. It does so by flickering a warning light.

Did you know that anti-brake systems in the past were mechanically controlled? But things have changed. Today’s systems are computer controlled. They are magnetically triggered. As the reluctor’s teeth pass the sensor rhythmically, that indicates everything is okay. But when the reluctor’s speed changes drastically, the ABS pulses the brake application. Doing so pumps hydraulic pressure to the brakes, producing intermittent braking and steering control.

Causes of Honda CRV ABS Sensor Problems

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Although the traditional braking components have not changed over the years, so much has changed regarding electronic controls. Technology such as an anti-lock brake system is made possible by the wheel speed sensor.

The ABS sensor is crucial, yet sometimes it runs into problems, especially when the reluctor wheel or tone ring gets dirty or damaged. The sensor might also develop problems if it collects some dust.

Causes of Honda CRV ABS sensor problems include internal short circuits, increased wheel bearing clearance, and breaks in the sensor winding due to excessive vibration. Besides, the ABS sensor can sustain damage in the process of replacing other braking components.

Typically, a faulty ABS sensor will show you signs. The most obvious one is the warning light, which goes off when there is a problem with the sensor or the control module. You might also notice reduced stopping power when you are braking heavily. Besides, your Honda CRV will have less stability under wet conditions.

If you sense any of those signs of a faulty ABS sensor, you need to identify the origin of the problem. The best place to start would be connecting a diagnostic tool to see all the fault codes that will show up. You can also get a multimeter to test for continuity. While at it, check the connectors and wiring of the sensors to ensure that there is nothing loose. Don’t forget to check for dirt or damage on the impulse ring.

Honda CRV ABS Light Stays On

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The ABS indicator on your dashboard tells you when something is amiss with the system. That means you need to take a look instantly.

Some of the reasons that could make your Honda CRV ABS light stay on include low tire pressure, a blown fuse, deficient brake fluid, or faulty speed sensors. Notably, the ABS gets disabled when the light comes on. And it stays on until you fix the problem.

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It is also possible that you have turned your ABS off. Ideally, you have the option to switch it on or off anytime. So if you turn it off accidentally, the light will go on to warn you that a vital safety feature is not working.

It’s worth noting that your brake system is hydraulic. That means it relies on the power of a cylinder pressing against a fluid. Should the fluid levels drop significantly, the brakes will not work optimally. The ABS sensors will detect this anomaly and trigger the warning light.

Honda CRV ABS Light Reset

Car dashboard indicator lights

While sometimes you might need to reset the ABS light of your Honda CRV, it’s important to note that doing so does not solve any problem. Before you reset the light, it’s essential to fix the underlying issue. Otherwise, the light will turn back on as soon as the system detects fault again.

You can reset the ABS light on your Honda CRV by clearing the error codes using an OBDII scanner. But if you don’t have the scanner, you can detach the battery for a few minutes. Notably, the OBDII scanner is the proper way to reset the light.

If you choose to disconnect the battery, remember to remove the cable from the battery’s negative terminal first. Once you disconnect the cable from both terminals, press down the horn a couple of times. Then turn on the headlights—this step drains out residual electricity from the system. Wait for about 15 minutes and reconnect the battery. This time, start with the positive cable.

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Where is the Honda CRV ABS Fuse Location?

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Your ABS needs electricity to operate. The anti-lock fuses and relay control the electricity. So you might be wondering where they are located.

The fuse box for the Honda CRV ABS is usually located in the engine partition on the passenger’s side of your Honda CRV. If you suspect the fuse is blown, you need to find and replace it so the system can come back up again.

Usually, you will start noticing signs of a bad ABS fuse. These include the ABS warning light turning on, tires getting jammed when you are braking, or a longer braking distance. If the switch is completely blown out, it will shut off the anti-lock system entirely.

Lucky for you, it is possible to change the blown fuse on your own at home. However, ensure that the new fuse does not blow up immediately after placing it. That could happen if you use a fuse with the incorrect amperage. So, always refer to your Honda CRV manual before replacing the fuse.

How Much Will it Cost to Replace Honda CRV ABS Sensor?

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The ABS sensor is a crucial component of the system—your car has one sensor on each wheel. Should one of your ABS speed sensors fail, you can always go to a mechanic for a replacement.

The cost of replacing the Honda CRV ABS sensor in the USA is between $200 and $400. Unfortunately, one faulty sensor will affect the entire system, so you need a replacement sooner than later. During the inspection, the mechanic will run a diagnosis to determine which sensor needs to be replaced.

Once the mechanic determines which sensor needs to be replaced, they will raise your Honda CRV. They will then remove the old sensor and put in a new one. They will then put the tire back on and lower the vehicle. Finally, they will inspect the ABS to ensure that it’s now working fine. The mechanic will have to do a road test for that.

Are you wondering what should happen if your ABS sensors don’t fail? Even then, it’s essential to change them as part of regular maintenance. You can replace them every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

How to Reset Honda CRV ABS

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Before you go to the mechanic for help with your Honda CRV, you might want to try a few solutions on your own. For instance, you can try resetting the ABS.

Resetting the Honda CRV ABS is straightforwardit only takes a few minutes, and you don’t need any special equipment. Follow the procedure below.

Start by turning the ignition switch off and taking the key out. Then use a stiff wire to short pins 4 and 9 on the OBD connector. You can find it under the dash on the driver’s side. Hold the brake pedal down lightly using your foot as you turn the ignition switch to position 2. The ABS indicator will come on, but only momentarily. Release the brake pedal—the ABS light will come on again. Now press the brake pedal again and hold it down lightly. The light will go off, then release the brake pedal. After a few seconds, the light will blink twice and go off. That will have cleared all error codes. Then turn the ignition switch off and remove the key. Finish by disconnecting the jumper wire from the OBD connector.

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