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Honda CR-V Windows Not Working

When your windows aren’t working properly on your Honda CR-V it can not only be frustrating but downright hazardous in situations where it is raining or snowing. If your window happens to be down and unable to go up, whatever weather is outside will suddenly be inside your car as well.

A common reason for Honda CR-V windows not operating is a faulty window regulator. This device controls the up-and-down motion of the window. When it malfunctions, the window may become stuck or unresponsive. To address this issue, the door panel should be removed to inspect the regulator, and if found defective, it should be replaced.

SUV passenger side window

Another potential reason for window issues in the Honda CR-V is a blown fuse. Fuses protect the vehicle’s electrical systems, and if the one associated with the power windows blows, they won’t function. Locate the fuse box, often found under the dashboard or in the engine compartment, and replace the specific fuse dedicated to the windows.

Here are a few of the common problems that can affect your Honda CR-V’s windows, and ways to fix them.

Honda CR-V Front Windows Not Working

Car power windows controls

A common window problem that you can encounter is when your front windows don’t work. This issue affects both the drivers and passenger windows, but all of your other windows and sunroof continue to work properly. While it is likely not related to a fuse issue, you can check your window fuse just to rule it out as an issue.

If your Honda CR-V front windows are not working, you need to reset your model inside your window switch. Your power window switch contains the computer that sends commands to operate your windows. To reset your model, turn on your Honda CR-V, but just to the on position. Stay inside the car with the door closed. Lower the window and open the door.

Turn your Honda CR-V off and hold down the window button, turn back on your car and repeat this three times. Hold the window in the auto up position and hold it for about ten seconds. You should find that your window can go up and down normally. 

Honda CR-V Windows and Sunroof Open Automatically

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If you find that your windows or your sunroof are opening automatically, under no direction of you, there is one main issue that causes this. Your windows can open automatically because of a feature in your Honda CR-V.

If your Honda CR-V windows and the sunroof open automatically, you may be using the auto open. If you press unlock on the keyfob and press it a second time and hold it, your Honda CR-V’s windows will open automatically. While this is a great feature, if your keyfob is in your pocket or is pressed up against something, your windows will open.

While you can’t disengage this feature, one way to solve this is to modify your keyfob. One way to do this is to remove the unlock button. This is done by removing the key like you would change the battery. You use the key and open it. Once your keyfob is open, take out the piece that holds the battery. This way you will be able to access the front buttons. Remove the lock button and put the keyfob back together.

What this does is allow you to use the unlock button, but you need to press in deeper to unlock the car. This can help avoid opening your Honda CR-V windows accidentally.

Honda CR-V Driver Window Stuck

Male driver sticks his head out of car window

If your Honda CR-V driver’s window is stuck there could be a few things that could lead to this issue. If only your driver’s window is being affected, it’s most likely not related to a fuse issue, so you can skip the step of checking your fuses.

If your Honda CR-V driver’s window is stuck, this could be due to an actual obstruction or the window being off track. To check, remove the panel on the inside of your driver’s side door. This will give you access to the mechanical components of the window. 

Honda CR-V Window Won’t Roll Down

Female car passenger with window open

Your Honda CR-V’s windows are controlled by some different working parts. There is the motor and the window regulator predominantly control the windows movement. If you find that your window will not roll down you should look to these areas.

If your Honda CR-V window will not roll down you should check your window regulator. On the window that is not working, take off your door panel on the window that is facing issues. Once in there you’ll be able to see the regular. Leave your car on and tap your motor.

Sometimes tapping your motor can make your window regulator work again. Sometimes the motor can get stuck. What the tapping does is give it a bit of a jolt. Press down your window switch to test and see if the automatic window is working again.

Honda CR-V Window Will Go Down But Not Up

Car power windows controls

If your Honda CR-V windows will go down, but not back up again, there is a way to temporarily fix the problem if you are driving in weather. You can manually get the window back up by pressing your palms against the glass and helping it go back up. Of course, this only works if there is enough of your window exposed to get a good grip.

If your Honda CR-V power window will go down, but not back up again a good first step is to check the fuses. Fuses are the easiest part to access when troubleshooting your Honda CR-V. Fuses don’t last forever, so burned-out fuses are common and easy to replace. 

A good way to judge if the issue is related to the fuse is if all of your windows are experiencing the same issue. If your fuse is not to blame, it could be the wiring or the switch. To access these you need to remove the door panel of the window that is not working. You’ll see two large wires and a connector. One connects to the door latch and the other controls the window. Remove the cable for the window and test with a voltage meter to see if there is any response when you press your window button.

If you get a voltage reading then check the wires to ensure that they are not damaged. If you get no reading at all, you will likely have to replace your window switch.

Honda CR-V Windows Not Working

If your Honda CR-V windows are not working properly, the first place you should check is also the easiest. A blown or loose fuse will cause your windows to stop working. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to check the mechanics of your window, including your cables, connections, window switch, and motor. These components can be accessed by removing the panel of the door of the affected window.

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