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Honda CR-V Trunk Not Working

When it comes to issues with your Honda CR-V, one of the most common problems that you may encounter is with your trunk. The Honda CR-V has an automatic trunk, which can make it even more frustrating when it isn’t working properly. 

One common issue with the Honda CR-V trunk not working is a faulty trunk latch mechanism. Over time, the latch can wear out or become misaligned, preventing the trunk from opening or closing properly. To address this, inspect the latch for visible wear or damage and consider adjusting or replacing it as necessary.

Inside of SUV car trunk

Another potential culprit behind a malfunctioning trunk in the Honda CR-V is a compromised trunk release cable. This cable links the release lever to the trunk, allowing it to open. If the cable is damaged or becomes jammed, the trunk won’t open as expected. To resolve this, access the trunk from the interior of the car, if possible, and inspect the cable for damage, replacing it if needed.

Honda CR-V Trunk Not Opening

Car protective trunk tray

There are a few issues that can lead to your trunk not opening. It could be stuck or there could be an issue with the current mechanics of your trunk. Your trunk has its own motor that is connected to the power output that leads to the trunk’s button.

If your Honda CR-V trunk is not open, you should access the actuator. To do so, remove the panel on the inside of your trunk door. You will need a screwdriver to remove all of the parts. Once these are off, you will see a lever. Take the screwdriver and manually move the latch lever down. You can now push and open your trunk.

Once you’ve opened your trunk, remove the remaining plastic lining and you’ll be able to see the wiring. The Honda CR-V has a Multiplex Integrated Control System (MICU) input. This means that your trunk can only open when all of your doors are unlocked. The MICU works through a wire that is connected to all the doors. When your doors are unlocked, it sends a signal to your trunk, allowing it to open.

If one of the wires in your doors has been damaged or disconnected, it could prevent your trunk from opening. You can find the door connections by removing the panels from your doors. Make sure that the three wires are properly attached and that there is no damage to the wires themselves. 

Using a multi-meter, you should test the connections to your trunks button. While the multi-meter is pressed against the positive and negative outputs, press the button from the outside and see if you get a read.

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There could also be an issue with the actuator. To check the actuator you need to remove it. The actuator is the white piece near the base of your trunk. It is attached by two hollow bolts on each side that can be removed by carefully popping them out using pliers. Test the output of the actuator by using a battery. Touch the output of a battery. If your actuator is working properly, when it touches the positive connection it should begin to run.

Honda CR-V Trunk Won’t Unlock

Car mechanic confused with tools in hands

If your Honda CR-V won’t unlock there could be a few issues that you are facing. If you are using your key fob you should check to make sure that it is working properly, because you use your fob often, the batteries will eventually die. If your key fob is working, you should look at the mechanics of your Honda CR-V.

The first thing that you should check if your Honda CR-V trunk will not unlock is the fuses. A blown fuse can impact your Honda CR-V trunk. Typically, a good indicator that there is a blown fuse that affects the trunk, you will see issues with other doors having problems unlocking or locking.

Your next step should be to check the MICU. A disconnected or damaged wire could cause a signal interruption and prevent your trunk from opening. Start by first checking your trunk’s wired connection. If you see no damage there, check the MICU connections in all of your interior doors. 

Honda CR-V Trunk Stuck

Back of gray SUV

Your Honda CR-V trunk can become stuck. There are a few issues that could cause this. You should always check to make sure that nothing is blocking your trunk. If you are in an area where snow and ice are common, clear off the back of your roof before opening your trunk. Ice can easily get into the crevice and lead to your trunk becoming stuck.

If your Honda CR-V trunk is stuck, check to see if you have your Honda CR-V trunk set at a certain level. You can reset it by bringing it to the height that you want. You then hold the tailgate button for a few seconds until you hear two beeps. Those beeps signify that you have successfully programmed the trunk to a level that is appropriate for you.

Honda CR-V Trunk Won’t Close

Female sitting in the back of SUV trunk with door open

If your trunk won’t close, make sure that there are no obstructions. If you’re using your key fob or automated switch to close your trunk, the sensor may be detecting something that you may not notice. 

If your Honda CR-V won’t close and you’ve ensured that there is nothing in the way, there is a good chance that you have an issue with your trunk switch. To access your trunk switch you’ll need to remove the paneling. You can test the trunk switch first by just removing the other paneling. 

Using a voltage meter, test to see if you get a response when the button is pressed from the outside. If you see no reaction, you need to remove further paneling to get to the switch. Once everything is unscrewed, you can simply pull the switch out and insert a new switch. 

Honda CR-V Trunk Won’t Open When Cold

SUV trunk door latch

When it’s cold out, the last thing you want to have to deal with is your Honda CR-V trunk not opening when you need it to. As a general rule, if you are attempting to open your trunk with a key fob, check to make sure that it is working properly and doesn’t need new batteries.

If your Honda CR-V trunk won’t open when it’s cold, the issue is more than likely with your trunk switch. To test your trunk switch, remove the paneling on the inside of your trunk. From there you will see a bundle of three wires that connect to the switch. To test the trunk switch, disconnect the wires and use a voltage meter while pressing the switch.

If you see no response, you’ll need to replace the entire switch. There is more planning that you will need to remove with a screwdriver that surrounds the switch. Once that is off, you can simply pull the switch button off and replace it with a new one.

Honda CR-V Trunk Not Locking

Car mechanic holding a wrench

If you go to lock your Honda CR-V and have no success, the first thing you should always check if you are attempting to lock it with a key fob, is that your batteries aren’t dead. Key fobs are often overlooked when it comes to regular battery replacement. If that isn’t your issue, or if your trunk will not lock using your car’s manual locking system, you’ll need to access your trunk’s wiring.

If your Honda CR-V trunk is not locked, you should check your Honda CR-V trunk switch. Remove the paneling on the door.Test the connection to see if it is getting any voltage when you press the button from the outside. If it is not, you will likely need to replace the trunk switch. To do so, you need to further remove the inside paneling by unscrewing it. Once that is off, you can pull the old trunk switch out and replace it with a new one.

Honda CR-V Trunk Not Working

There are a few issues that could lead to your Honda CR-V trunk not working. There could be issues with your MICU connection, your fuses, the actuator, or the trunk switch itself. Fuses are a good place to start, as they are the easiest to access. Otherwise, your primary area of focus will be the connections inside the trunk and door panels. 

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