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Honda CR-V Light Not Working

The longer you drive your Honda CR-V the more likely you are to run into issues with your headlights. Because you use your headlights so often, bulbs and other connecting parts require replacement. This is an especially frustrating problem if you go to turn on your Honda CR-V at night and find that the lights aren’t working. The good news is it is easy when it comes to fixing your Honda CR-V lights.

A common reason for lights not working in a Honda CR-V is a burnt-out bulb. Over time, the filament in the bulb wears out and breaks, causing the light to stop functioning. The solution is straightforward: identify the faulty bulb and replace it with a new one. This is usually a simple process that can be done at home with minimal tools and a replacement bulb.

Another possible cause for a light not working in a Honda CR-V could be a blown fuse. Fuses protect the electrical circuits in the vehicle, and a blown fuse can result in one or more lights failing. To fix this, locate the fuse box and check the relevant fuse for the non-working light. If the fuse is blown, replacing it with a new one of the same rating usually resolves the issue.

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Whether your lights won’t turn on, or if they stay on when they aren’t intended to, it can drain your car battery or put you at risk while driving. There are a few things that you should check if you are having issues with your Honda CR-V lights. Most of these issues are simple to troubleshoot on your own.

Honda CR-V Lights Flickering

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When your headlights flicker it can put you in a dangerous situation. The last thing that you want when you’re driving at night is for your headlights to flicker. As with all issues with your Honda CR-V, you should make sure that the bulbs are not burned out. 

If your Honda CR-V lights are flickering and you have new bulbs, one of the most frequent causes is your car battery. Your car battery powers your lights, so when the battery begins to die, your lights will be a good indicator of that. Batteries, like bulbs, don’t last forever. The general rule is to replace your car battery every three to five years.

If your battery is fully charged, the next area to check is your fuses. A blown-out or lost fuse can cause your lights to flicker. Like with batteries, fuses are simple to replace. You should also check the wiring to your lights. Any wires that are improperly connected can face relay a poor connection while you’re driving, causing your lights to flicker. 

Your issue with your lights flickering could also be due to your alternator. Your alternator is what relays the power from your car battery. When your alternator is facing issues, it causes problems with the rest of your Honda CR-V. This can lead to poor electrical output and cause problems with your lights, including flickering. 

Honda CR-V Lights Don’t Flash When Locking

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One common feature of locking your Honda CR-V is that the lights flash and there is a beep to let you know that it has successfully locked. If you are not seeing a flash, first make sure that your keyfob is working correctly. Lock your car with your keyfob and manually check your doors. If they haven’t locked, the issue is with your keyfob battery.

If your Honda CR-V lights don’t flash when you are locking the car, you should check your settings. On your touchscreen, take up the settings menu. From there you want to select ‘Vehicle’ and ‘Keyless Access Setup’. From here you will be able to turn on or off all settings related to your keyless access.

In this menu, you will see an option marked ‘Keyless Access Light Flash’. Select this option and set it to ‘On’.

Honda CR-V Lights Flashing

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You may notice that your Honda CR-V headlights are flashing. Sometimes this is an intended feature that you can turn on and off. Your Honda CR’V’s lights will flash when you lock or keyless start your car using your keyfob. This is totally normal, and nothing to be concerned about. However, your lights flashing can be an indicator of another issue. 

If your Honda CR-V lights are flashing, there is a good chance that it is related to your car battery. Your Honda CR-V’s lights depend on your car battery to function. If it is low, you may notice that your lights will flicker or flash. Replacing the battery is the next step.

If it is not related to your battery, it could be your alternator. If there are issues with connections to your alternator, or your alternator itself, your Honda CR-V’s lights will not be able to get the proper signal connection they need to function. 

If your Honda CR-V lights are flickering it could also be a grounding issue. Check your car battery to make sure that none of the connections have any corrosion or rust. Also, make sure that all of the proper wires are connected.

Honda CR-V Lights Won’t Turn Off

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While your headlights not turning off may seem like less of an issue than your headlights not turning on, this will result in a dead car battery. That is an issue that no one wants to be confronted with at the last minute. If your headlights don’t turn off, the first step should be to manually disconnect them so that they do not drain your battery while you address the problem. 

One of the most common issues that you may be facing if your Honda CR-V lights won’t turn off could be related to your relay. To figure out if the issue is related to your relay, you need to remove and replace your relay with a new one. Connect your headlights again and check to see if they turn off when needed. 

If the issue is not related to your relay, there could be a wire connectivity issue. If you have wires that are damaged or not connected properly, they won’t relay the correct signals. Even though your Honda CR-V is off – or if you’ve manually attempted to switch your lights off – that signal may not be getting through to your lights. 

If your Honda CR-V lights aren’t turning off and you’ve checked everything else, there could be an issue with your light sensor. Your light sensor detects the environmental light to determine if your headlights should be on. This is something that you will usually experience while driving. If your lights stay on, you need to replace your light sensor.

Honda CR-V Light Not Working

If your Honda CR-V lights are not working, the first step should always be to check both your bulbs and fuses. These are parts of your car that have a short lifespan. If neither is failing, the issue could be with the battery. A low battery will lead to many parts of your Honda CR-V not functioning properly. Lastly, check your alternator and all of the wiring connecting your lights.

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