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Honda Accord USB Not Working / Responding / Charging

The USB port in your Honda Accord may be one of the most important plugs that a driver might use. Most cellphone owners have special adaptors that can charge their phone using the USB port in their Honda Accord. But, there are cases when the USB port may not function, respond, or even charge.

A frequent issue with the Honda Accord USB not working pertains to the use of non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or low-quality USB cables. Such cables may not establish a stable connection or might be incompatible with the vehicle’s system. Ensure to utilize an OEM or high-quality, compatible USB cable, and check if the issue resolves, ensuring smooth connectivity and functionality.

Another potential reason for the USB port not working in a Honda Accord could be a blown fuse. The USB port is powered by a specific fuse in the vehicle’s fuse box, and if it burns out, the port will not function. To address this, locate the fuse box (typically found under the dashboard or hood), and using the vehicle’s manual, identify and replace the fuse associated with the USB port. Always ensure the vehicle is turned off before attempting to replace a fuse to avoid any electrical issues.

Car USB and Aux ports

In some instances, the issue might be related to software glitches in the vehicle’s infotainment system. Sometimes, the system may not recognize the connected device due to software bugs or compatibility issues. To troubleshoot, consider resetting the infotainment system by turning off the car, waiting for a few minutes, and then restarting it. Additionally, updating the infotainment system to the latest software version, if available, might resolve compatibility and functionality issues with the USB port. If the problem persists, a visit to a professional mechanic or a Honda service center might be necessary for a more in-depth diagnosis and solution.

Honda Accord USB Not Responding

Car USB cable port

If you are in your Honda Accord and plug in your phone to the USB port in your car, but there is no response, there are a few things that might be wrong. You can determine the problem by observing and seeing whether or not a few things occur.

No Songs Playing When Honda Accord USB is Used

If your phone is plugged into the USB port in your Honda Accord and no music is playing, there are a few things that could potentially be the problem. In this scenario, it’s suggested the issue is the software on the phone itself and not the USB.

The solution here that people have suggested is downloading a song from whichever music service you use (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), then shut down the app and reopen the app, which should solve the issue.

No Data Appearing When Honda Accord USB is Used

For “no data” appearing on a phone when plugged into the USB port in a Honda Accord, this is usually the case of either a faulty wire or the USB port going bad.

You can attempt the tried and true method of “rebooting” your device while plugged in to see if that can help, but most likely, you will need a replacement USB.

Honda Accord USB Not Charging

When your device is not charging or slowly charging while plugged into the Honda Accord’s USB, the problem might be that your charger might not have enough power to charge your phone.

In this case, you might have to go and find a new charger that can support at least a 4.0a charge or a plug with a 12v outlet.

Honda Accord USB Not Working at All

Finally, if your USB port in your Honda Accord is not functioning at all, there may be a couple of other issues at play.

  • Your device has shorted the USB port, which can cause issues despite switching cords.
  • Another issue might be that the USB port has a short, which means you will have to get a new USB port altogether.

Honda Accord Radio and Cigarette Lighter Not Working

Car radio controls

The radio and cigarette lighter of your Honda Accord are both connected by the same. If there is an issue with your radio and cigarette lighter not working in your vehicle, then the most likely issue is a blown fuse.

To find your fuses, reference your car’s manual to determine the exact location. Depending on the year of the Honda Accord, there are several locations where the fuses could be. Be sure your car is turned off and the keys are out of the ignition before working with the fuses.

Once you have found the fuses’ location, use fuse pullers and determine if the old fuses are blown (looking at the old fuses versus other fuses is a great way to determine this). If they are, you can pull the old fuses and replace them with new ones.

If you do not feel comfortable fixing this issue on your own, local repair shops or stores like AutoZone and Advanced Auto Parts can run diagnostic tests of vehicles (sometimes for free) and can help determine what the issue is. These stores usually have the parts on hand and will install them at the store.

Power Outlet in Honda Accord Not Working

Car power outlet

Working with the power outlet in a Honda Accord can be tricky if you start to mess with the vehicle’s fuses. There are a few options that other drivers have found that have worked, however.

For this particular issue, people have had issues with their power outlet not working, but the ACC fuse (7.5) was okay along with the engine bay fuse (40). Finding the correct fuses to fix this issue can be tricky because you must look under the dash’s fuse box.

Once you find the correct fuse box, you can switch the #19 and #22 relays and then turn on the vehicle and check the outlets for power. In numerous cases, this solution has worked for many people.

Honda Accord USB Not Working: Unsupported Android Device

Car USB and AUX ports

Android versus Apple is a huge debate, and it can actually affect your ability to use your phone in your Honda Accord. Normally, most newer Honda Accords come with Apple Play already built into the vehicle, which allows for seamless connection and usage for iPhone users. But Android users might have more difficulties.

If you are in your Honda Accord attempting to connect your Android phone and a message of “unsupported Android” pops up, then a few issues might be occurring.

For most of these issues, the culprit is going to be the device itself. Because Apple is the main source of the Honda Accord’s connection, using different software can make Android devices difficult to use.

One way to fix this is to “root” your Android device. Like jailbreaking an iPhone, “rooting” allows your Android device to bypass any means of permissions or restrictions on the phone. This way, you can use your Android while being attached to Apple software.

If you do not want to “root” your Android device, you can also use an MTP solution. MTP, or Media Transfer Protocol, involves files being transferred between a portable device (AKA your phone) and a computer (AKA your car’s system). This is done through what is called a Honeycomb.

Other Reasons Your Honda Accord’s USB May Not Be Working

Car driver at night

While this list of problems and potential solutions is exhaustive, that does not mean that this is the complete list. There are plenty of other problems that Honda Accord owners face with their USBs that actually come with simple solutions.

  • One of the most common solutions is simply testing a different USB cord with the device that is not functioning to determine if the cord is the issue.
  • Another easy solution that can be used in most cases would be to double-check that the USB port and device’s connection is secure. While the cord might not be the issue here, the connection between the cord and the device or the cord and the USB port might lead to a bad connection.

If the above two solutions do not work, the next most common issue to resolve would be faulty wiring.

Over time, the wiring in any mechanical device can lead to numerous issues. For USB ports, the wiring goes from the port’s base to the stereo’s head, and the wire must carry a live signal the entire way.

Checking the wiring for any shorts, loose ends, parts of the wire being chewed, or other issues is the easiest thing to do (and can be done by a multimeter probe).

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