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Honda Accord Horn Issues

When you own a Honda Accord, one of the most popular car models on the market, you might run into issues with the horn in particular. There are a few relatively common but frustrating horn problems that Honda Accord owners experience. In some cases, though, you can troubleshoot these problems at home and avoid a trip to the mechanic.

Hand pressing car horn

The issues below all vary in severity. Many of the difficulties you might experience with your horn indicate that it needs to be replaced. The older your Honda Accord is, the more likely you are to require a new horn. Driving without a properly functioning horn is dangerous and puts others and yourself at risk. Read on to learn more about common Honda Accord horn issues.

Locate Your Honda Accord Horn Relay Location

Car fuse box and relays

Before you can troubleshoot your horn problems, you will need to find your car’s horn relay. The horn relay is an electrical box that connects to your horn and allows it to sound. If you are having horn issues, the cause is likely to be related to the horn relay. If your horn relay is failing, it can cause the following symptoms:

  • Your horn will not function properly.
  • The relay will produce an unpleasant burning smell.
  • You will hear clicking sounds underneath your hood.

The horn relay is located on the driver’s side of your vehicle on the left-hand side in the panels below the steering wheel. Specifically, the main relay is located behind the gas pedal.

From there, you will find the cruise control box and behind that in a smaller silver compartment is the horn relay. It is always good to get to know more about where features in your car are located in case you find yourself in a situation like this.

Honda Accord Horn Does Not Work

Hand on steering wheel and pressing car horn

If your Honda Accord horn is not working at all, it could mean that it is time for a new horn. However, before jumping to that conclusion, consider a few of the reasons why your horn might not be working in the first place.

A faulty horn could cause a few different reactions from your car. Any of the following could be an indication that your car horn is not properly working:

  • The car horn is sounding continuously.
  • The car horn is sounding off at random times.
  • The car horn is interfering with your Honda Accord’s other functions.
  • Your car horn is not sounding at all.

At some point, your horn may indeed need to be replaced. However, there are times when your horn can be brought back from the brink of dysfunction.

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Honda Accord Horn Stuck On

Car steering wheel horn graphic

If your Honda Accord’s horn will not stop blowing, it probably means that the horn is stuck in the on position for some reason. If your Accord will not stop honking on its own, the first thing you will have to do is force it to stop before investigating further. You cannot properly work on your car if the horn is blaring in your ear.

The good news is you can make your car stop honking by going into the fuse box and removing the horn fuse or relay.

The next step is figuring out why the horn got stuck on and how to stop it from happening in the future. When the horn will not stop honking, it likely indicates a failure with the horn relay or horn switch. Refer back to the above section to find your horn’s relay to investigate further.

Reasons Honda Accord Horn Keeps Blowing/Going Off

Your horn continuously going off may be caused by one of a few issues. If your car horn will not stop going off, it may be caused by one of these three things:

  • Bad battery
  • Hood latch sensor
  • Short wiring

Depending on the cause, your Accord may either be continuously sounding or going off because you are trying to do something else in your car that is triggering a reaction from your horn.

The horn continuously going off can be caused by the hood latch sensor. Sometimes the hood latch sensor can get dirty and cause a disruption with the connection. If you detach the sensor and the response is a sounding of the horn, then this is the issue.

An extra alarm or aftermarket alarm may also be the cause of your Accord’s horn to keep blowing. The circuits on your aftermarket alarm may have been wired incorrectly. Poorly wired circuiting of an aftermarket alarm occurs when it is installed. This can be fixed by taking your car to the dealer and having them remove the alarm or re-wiring its circuits.

Honda Accord Horn Honks When Starting

Two hands on car steering wheel

Another horn issue some Accord drivers have experienced is the horn honking upon starting their car. If you just got this car, and this has been happening since taking it off the lot, the consensus among forums is that there may be additional alarms installed.

  • If an extra alarm is an issue, the dealer would have forgotten to remove it or make sure it is a feature you want.
  • It is probable that this is the issue, in which case you should take it back to the dealer so they can locate and remove it.
  • You can check to see if there is anything additional attached below the driver’s dash.

However, another issue causing your horn to go off when starting is a low battery. When a car has a low battery, it can cause the alarm to react when turning the vehicle on. Replacing a car battery is a quick and easy fix for you or a mechanic.

Honda Accord Horn and Cruise Control Not Working

Car cruise control on steering wheel

If you are experiencing horn issues, your cruise control also might also not be working properly. Horn and cruise control issues commonly go hand-in-hand. Both of these features run through the cable reel. If your Accord’s cruise control and horn both are not working, it could indicate a fuse issue, multiple forums concluded.

Other reasons the cruise control might not be working include:

  • Speed sensor issues
  • A bad brake pedal switch
  • In older vehicles, the issue could be caused by a damaged vacuum.

It is important to get a failed cruise control system checked out as soon as possible. While your cruise control not working may be inconvenient, it can be an indication of car condition overall. Failing cruise control can lead to the failure of other systems shortly thereafter, pointing to a car that is in decline and not necessarily safe.

Honda Accord Horn Does Not Sound Anymore When Locking Doors

Car door lock button

If, when you lock your car’s doors, you are no longer getting the usual car locking beep sound, you are not alone. That lock sound actually comes from your horn.

If you cannot hear your lock sound, first check to see if your horn also is not working when you use it normally. That is often the case because your car failing to beep when locked usually indicates your horn is failing.

Honda Accord Horn Replacement

Car mechanic with wrench in hand

Sometimes, despite troubleshooting and research, your Honda Accord horn issues mean it is time to get a new horn. A functioning horn is important to the safety of you and others, so replace the horn if you need to, as soon as possible.

  • Driving without a horn can be very dangerous.
  • It can result in an accident because you are not able to sound your horn to warn pedestrians or drivers.

It costs a little bit over $100 to purchase a horn replacement. Do not forget to factor in service fees charged by the mechanic involved with replacing your horn. The good news is that car horn issues are usually very detectable and quick for mechanics to diagnose and fix.

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