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Honda Accord Cruise Control Problems

The first time my Honda Accord’s cruise control faltered, I was cruising along the highway, looking forward to a smooth, hands-off ride. Suddenly, it felt like my car had a mind of its own, refusing to maintain a constant speed. Ever been left puzzled by your Accord’s cruise control, wondering why it decided to take a nap when you needed it most?

A common reason for Honda Accord cruise control problems is a malfunctioning brake pedal switch. This switch can send incorrect signals, causing the cruise control to disengage unexpectedly. Replacing or adjusting the brake pedal switch can restore proper function to the cruise control system, ensuring it reliably maintains your set speed.

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

Blown fuses are easy to identify and replace.

If you don’t have an ECU reader or scanner, then check your fuse boxes. The Honda Accord has a passenger compartment fuse box located under the dashboard to the left of the driver.  The other fuse box is located on the right side of the engine bay, behind the battery against the firewall.

Both fuse boxes have a detailed list of all the fuses inside the lid. So locating a blown fuse is simply a matter of checking each one and then referring to the fuse list to see which circuit it affects. Replacing the fuse with an identical one is recommended and will help you to isolate any problems with the wiring or components.

The brake pedal switch is used by cruise control systems to identify when the brake is applied, which then deactivates the cruise control. This is a safety feature that ensures that the car will stop in the shortest possible time in an emergency. It is also there to ensure that you maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you when applying the brakes to maintain a safe following distance in traffic.

A faulty brake pedal switch will prevent the cruise control from activating as the signal from the switch will indicate to the ECU that the brake is being applied.

If the speed sensor is faulty, the cruise control system will be unable to maintain the set speed. If the speed sensor sends incorrect speed data to the cruise control system, it will disengage and your vehicle will slow down.

Older model Accords, between 2003 and 2005 have an actuator that is located on the left side of the engine bay against the firewall. Later models have a drive-by-wire setup that is fully electronic. If the actuator is the problem, you will have to replace it. But, it is worth checking all the hoses to make sure there isn’t a leak.

Occasionally, an Accord will come back from the mechanic with one or other hose disconnected. It is easy for the hose to be forgotten when connecting everything up after working on the vehicle. So, it is worth checking that all the hoses are properly connected.

Honda Accord Cruise Control Not Working

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

With Honda having an excellent reputation for reliability, it is easy to forget that systems do fail.

If your cruise control is not working, there are a variety of factors that can be checked to solve the problem.

If your Honda Accord cruise control is not working, it may be due to an electronic fault or a vacuum hose or actuator failure. Check that the vacuum hoses are in good condition and properly connected. A blown fuse, failed sensor, or switch can also cause the cruise to fail.

In the 2006 and 2007 Honda Accords, the combination switch was a known point of failure.

The combination switch is located on the steering wheel. It sends signals to the gauge control module in the dashboard which is then connected electronically via the engine control module to a motor on the throttle body.

The Park/Neutral switch and brake switch can affect the operation of the cruise control. You can check whether they are experiencing problems by checking fault codes.

Honda Accord Cruise Control Won’t Set

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

As we’ve come to rely on cruise control for highway driving, if it’s not working, it can be a major inconvenience.

If your Honda Accord cruise control does not engage, then check that the brake switch is in working order as well as the horn. The cruise control is connected to the horn relay, so a fault with the horn and the cruise control indicates that the relay could be faulty.

A faulty brake light switch may cause the cruise control to malfunction either due to a switch failure or if it needs adjustment. The switch is located under the dashboard above the brake pedal. You can do a visual check of the brake lights when the brake is applied to see if they are working.

A brake light failure combined with the cruise control not working can be the result of a faulty brake switch that needs adjustment or replacement.

If the brake light switch is fine and the horn works, then you can extend your search by checking that the linkage to the throttle body is correctly adjusted and that the actuator is working.

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First, start by checking that all the hoses are properly connected and that there are no leaks. Then disconnect the actuator cable for the 4-pin connector and actuator rod. Connect the battery positive to the Br/White terminal and the negative to the Br/Black, Br, and Bl terminals. This will allow you to see if the actuator rod pulls in completely. If it does not, then check for a vacuum line leak or possibly a defective solenoid.

Next, try to pull on the actuator rod. It should not be possible for you to pull it out by hand. If you can, then the actuator is faulty and must be replaced.

To check if the actuator returns to its original position, disconnect the battery negative from the Br/Black terminal. If the rod does not return and there are no obstructions in the ventilation hose and filter, then the solenoid is faulty and requires replacement.

When replacing the solenoid valve assembly, be sure to use new O-rings on each solenoid. 

Honda Accord Cruise Control Won’t Turn Off

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

Due to safety issues, there are a variety of ways that you can switch your cruise control off.

If your cruise control won’t turn off in your Honda Accord, try gently applying the brake or depressing the clutch in a manual gear change. You can also try turning the cruise control off by switching it off via the switch on your steering wheel. The main switch may be faulty and need replacement.

It is not recommended that you try to service the steering wheel cruise control switch unless you are qualified to do so. The wiring runs through the airbag wiring and a mistake can cause the airbag to deploy.

A Honda service center or a qualified mechanic should repair a faulty steering wheel cruise control switch. You can, however, check the fuse box to see if any of the fuses have blown and replace them if necessary.

Honda Accord Cruise Control Won’t Stay On

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

It can be infuriating when the cruise control fails to operate properly.  It is not only inconvenient but can cause unnecessary strain if you are unable to activate it when driving for a long time on the highway.

When a Honda Accord cruise control won’t stay on, it is usually due to a failed sensor, switch or a vacuum-related issue. The cruise control actuator is located in the engine bay and is connected to the throttle body. If a hose isn’t connected or has a leak, the cruise control may fail to stay on.

A failed speed sensor will prevent the cruise control from receiving speed data that allows it to maintain speed. This can cause it to disengage.

If there is a leak in the vacuum hoses connected to the actuator, the system will not be able to maintain control of the throttle, resulting in the system switching off.

How Do You Reset The Cruise Control On A Honda Accord?

Hand on car steering wheel using cruise control

If your cruise control is playing up, you can attempt to resolve the problem by resetting the system.

To reset the cruise control on your Honda Accord, press the interval button and hold it down for a second. The interval button is identified by the vehicle icon with 4 bars behind it. Check the instrument panel for the notification that cruise mode is selected, then press the button again.

Once the interval button has been pressed for the second time, the cruise control system resets itself.

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