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Does Honda Civic Have Lane Assist (How To)

Does Honda Civic have lane assist? Since 2020, Honda has introduced a suite of driver-assist technology to be fitted into every vehicle. So, if you own one of the latest models of the Honda Civic, you can enjoy the feature that helps you stay safe on the road by making sure your car doesn’t drift sideways into the next lane while driving.

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The Honda Civic has a lane assist feature. It is a part of the Honda-Sensing suite of driver-assist technology. A convenient feature that helps you stay in your lane by keeping track of your car’s position in a lane and gently steering your car back to the middle of the lane.

The lane assist feature helps to warn you when the car starts drifting out of your lane. It will display a warning on the instrument panel and then guide you to keep the car in the middle of the lane by gently adjusting the steering back to the middle of the lane when it senses that you are drifting without the intention of changing lanes.

It is not a self-steering system and will not work if you don’t have your hands on the steering wheel. The windscreen-mounted camera detects road markings to recognize any signs of drifting. When it senses that your vehicle is coming closer to another lane, the steering adjusts accordingly.

Honda Civic Lane Assist Not Working

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While the lane keeping assist technology is a great feature, it needs certain conditions to work properly. The system relies on a windscreen-mounted camera sensor that reads road markings to ensure your vehicle stays in the middle of the lane. The system is also connected to the Electric Power Steering (EPS) to adjust the steering as needed.

Your Honda Civic lane keeping assist system will not work in the following situations: it is not activated, in bad weather conditions, you are going slower or faster than the speed set for the system to work, or the sensors are obstructed by objects.

The lane keeping assist will not work if the camera sensors are obstructed by objects. If you mount something on the windscreen, make sure it is not too close to the sensors in case it obstructs the line of “vision” and causes a malfunction of the system.

Bad weather like heavy rain, sleet, snow, or any conditions that reduce road visibility can deter the camera’s ability to detect road markings accurately, and the system will not work properly.

Usually, the lane keeping assist will kick in when the vehicle is traveling between 40 to 90 miles per hour. The vehicle needs to drive at a speed within the working range of the system. The feature will not activate automatically if you travel slower or faster than the designated range.

The last reason why your Honda Civic lane keeping assist (LKAS) will not work is that it is not activated. It should activate automatically, but if it doesn’t, then you can manually activate the system. To activate it, press the MAIN button on the steering wheel and select the LKAS feature. Lane outlines will appear on the instrument panel to indicate that LKAS has been activated and is working correctly.

Honda Civic Lane Assist Camera Not Working

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If you want to use the Honda Civic lane keeping assist (LKAS) and it does not want to work, check the camera. Even though Honda has placed the camera within a casing designed to keep it clean at all times, dirt and grime may accumulate inside the camera housing to blur out the lens and make it unable to detect the markings on the road clearly. When the camera is not able to “see” road markings, it won’t work correctly.

When your Honda Civic lane keeping assist (LKAS) camera is not working, it could be due to something small like a dirty camera sensor or a faulty electronic connection like a blown fuse, loose wire, or depleted vehicle battery.

If you check the camera and it appears clean, then it could be something wrong with the electronic connection. Like all vehicle electronic components, the lane keeping assist (LKAS) function requires an electrical current to work. Check the appropriate fuse and wiring, and make sure your 12V vehicle battery has a sufficient charge when trying to find the fault causing the malfunction.

How to Turn on Lane Assist Honda Civic

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The lane keeping assist system (LKAS) in a Honda Civic is designed to help you safely steer your car on a highway where high speed may cause the vehicle to drift unintentionally into another lane. The system was designed with your safety in mind, but it needs to be turned on manually if it does not come on automatically.

The system turns on automatically when your vehicle reaches the speed within the system’s set parameters. It is usually set to activate when the vehicle travels between 40 to 90 miles per hour. The system will also sense whether your hands are on the steering wheel, as it does not operate without a driver.

Turning on the lane keeping assist function in a Honda Civic is a simple process. You can activate it by pressing the MAIN button on the steering wheel and selecting the LKAS function.

If the system does not turn on automatically for any reason, the feature can be activated manually. You can turn it on directly from your steering wheel by following the above instructions. When you see the lane outlines on your instrument panel, you know your LKAS is working properly.

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How To Turn Off Lane Assist Honda Civic

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The main function of the Honda Civic lane keeping assist (LKAS)function is to keep your car safely in the lane while you are traveling at a higher speed. It prevents your car from accidentally sideswiping by making sure your vehicle stays in its lane until you decide to move it otherwise.

The feature is designed to activate automatically once the car senses you are traveling at a speed within the set parameters on a straight road and your hands are placed on the steering wheel.

However, some drivers may find the system distracting by having a constant visual of the lanes on the instrument panel. Therefore, if you find the lane keeping assistance annoying, you may turn it off.

The Honda Civic lane keeping assist function can be turned off manually when not needed. To do that, press the MAIN button, select LKAS to activate the system, then press LKAS again to deactivate and turn off the LKAS function.

You will know that the system is deactivated when the picture of the lane disappears from the instrument panel. The system will also turn off automatically once the car is switched off. You will need to turn it on when you want to use the feature again.

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Honda is a vehicle manufacturer that prides itself on producing cars that keep its occupants safe. Most of their latest models manufactured after 2020 have the Honda sensing suite of driver-assist features installed. Lane keeping assist system (LKAS) is a part of these features that helps drivers make fewer mistakes on the road and avoid accidents. Enjoy the drive in your new Honda Civic.

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