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Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Door Lock Not Working (How to Fix)

When you run into issues with your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) door not functioning properly, it can be frustrating. You may encounter issues with the locks, or the doors themselves having problems opening or closing. 

If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) doors are not working there are several issues that you could face. When it comes to troubleshooting them, it depends on what you are experiencing with your doors. It could be a component within the door itself, or you could face issues with the electronics or mechanics of your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX).

A frequent cause for door lock issues in Acura SUVs, including MDX and RDX models, is a faulty door lock actuator. The actuator controls the locking mechanism and can wear out over time. To fix this, the faulty actuator needs to be replaced. This involves removing the door panel to access the actuator, disconnecting it, and installing a new one. While it’s a more involved repair, it’s often the key to resolving door lock problems.

Another reason could be a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system, particularly a blown fuse. If the fuse that controls the door locks is blown, the locks won’t function correctly. Locate the fuse box, often found under the dashboard or in the engine compartment, and check the fuse related to the door locks. Replace it if it’s blown. This is a simple and quick fix that can restore the functionality of the door locks.

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The good news is that many of these problems are easy, and cheaper, to fix yourself, rather than bringing your car into the shop. Here are a few of the common problems that you might encounter with your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) doors, and how to fix them. 

Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Door Won’t Open (Cause and Fix)

One issue that you may encounter with your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) is the door not opening. This is a problem that typically affects the driver’s side door. The frustrating part, besides not being able to open your door, is usually when this occurs, you are still able to lock and unlock your car door, but to no avail.

If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) door won’t open, you need to remove your door panel. To open your car door, there is a series of moving parts that make this possible. There is a rod that is connected to the latch that opens your door. The rod is supported by a plastic clip. If this clip breaks, the rod won’t have enough support or tension to flip your latch.

Because opening and closing your doors is something that you do so often, this plastic piece can wear down. If the piece is broken, you will need to replace it for your door to be able to open again. 

Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Back Door Won’t Open (Cause and Fix)

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If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) trunk or back door won’t open, you should receive a warning on your screen. It will alert you to ‘Check the Power Tailgate’. If this error message comes up, you will be unable to open your back door, even if it is unlocked.

If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) back door won’t open it is usually due to damaged wires. The wires that connect to your latch can become damaged over time. They are connected to a wire harness. You want to remove the inside panel and the rubber cover over your connector. You should be able to see if the wires are damaged.

Before replacing the wires, you can check to make sure that they are attached properly. It’s also a good idea to clean out your terminals and sockets to remove any dust or debris that could cause a signal loss. Using compressed air, hold it at least ten inches away and blow out anything that may have become lodged in there over time. 

Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Door Won’t Unlock (Cause and Fix)

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Typically, when you run into issues with your door not unlocking on your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX), the most common issue your door will face is your driver’s side door. You may notice that you press your key fob to unlock the driver’s side door and it does nothing. If you press it a second time, sometimes the rest of your doors will unlock, but your driver’s side door will still remain locked. 

If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) door won’t unlock, the most common issue is that your driver’s side door lock actuator is facing mechanical issues. The lock actuator is a reversible motor that works in different directions to both lock and unlocks your door. If you have issues with the lock actuator, you will not be able to unlock your door.

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To determine if the issue is with your lock actuator, you will need to remove the driver’s side door panel to get to the mechanics behind it. Your lock actuator will be connected by two cables. Remove the cables and test the terminals for power. If your terminals have power, then your actuator may need to be replaced. 

If there is no power going to your lock actuator, your problem is most likely electrical. You should check your fuse box to see if there are any blown fuses. You should also check to see if there is any damage to the cables themselves. Even if there is power available, a damaged cable can result in a lost connection.

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It’s also good practice to clean out your terminals that connect to your lock actuator. Even though they are behind your door panel, there is still dust and debris that manages to get inside. Use compressed air, holding it at least ten inches away from the terminal, and blow out anything that may be in there. Make sure to secure the cables tightly before replacing your door panel. 

Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Door Won’t Lock (Cause and Fix)

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You may notice that you cannot lock your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX). It can be both when you try to use the key fob or by using the button to lock it from the inside of the car. More often than not, this is an electrical issue.

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If your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) door won’t lock, you won’t be able to lock it using the key fob and if you try to lock it manually, you’ll hear a clicking sound. The first place that you should check is the relay that is beneath your fuse box. When you face issues with your relay, the only way to solve the issue is to replace it.

To change the relay, you want to locate your fuse box that is beneath your driverside dash. It is connected by a series of wires. Disconnect all of these wires first. There is also a screw that holds the fuse box on. Once you take out the screw you will be able to remove the rest of the cables from the back of the fuse box. Once all of this is done, you can take your fuse box out. 

Once you have your fuse box out, you will be able to access the relay and remove and replace it. The good news is that a new relay is relatively inexpensive. While you have the fuse box removed, it’s good practice to clean out your cord terminals. They can gather dust and debris over time, which can cause an interruption in the signal that tells your door to lock.

Using compressed air, hold it at least ten inches away and clean out all of your terminals before securely reattaching them and putting the fuse box back on.

Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) Door Not Working (How to Fix)

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When it comes to your Acura SUV (MDX/RDX) doors or locks not working properly, you are typically looking at either a mechanical or electrical issue. There can also be a loss of connection due to dust or debris in connector cables, damaged cables, or cables that are not attached properly. For the majority of these issues, it is usually easiest to determine what problem you are facing if you remove the door panel. Start with the driver’s side door.

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